6 Ways To Fix Netgear Extender No Internet Issue

netgear extender no internet
netgear extender no internet

Internet connections are essential for everyone, but everyone struggled with internet dysconnectivity. For instance, if the routers are placed too far away from the devices, it can result in a dropping internet connection. Even more, people struggle with internet blind spots. For this reason, people use Netgear extenders because they eliminate blind spots.

Once the Netgear extender is properly set up, the internet connection will be more secure, and the wireless range will be improved. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it can be used for boosting wireless signals. Still, people who have set up the Netgear extender still complain about Netgear extender no internet. That being said, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods with you!

Netgear Extender No Internet Issue

1) Router

In case you have ensured proper setup and configuration of the Netgear extender but “no internet” is still occurring, there are chances of a bad router. In particular, the issue can occur if the router is outdated or old. That being said, you need to look for the router firmware. This is because the firmware updates are released with better features that enhance the performance.

You can access the firmware updates for your router from the official router manufacturer’s website. Once the firmware update is installed in the router, the internet should start working fine. On the contrary, if installing the firmware update doesn’t work, we suggest that you change the router (you have to invest in the latest router, of course).

2) Cache & Cookies

If no internet error is still occurring while using the Wi-Fi extender, there are chances that the device is clogged up with cache and cookies. The users can open the device’s settings for clearing up cache and cookies. The exact instructions vary with the device that you are using with the Netgear extender. That being said, consult with the manual and clear up the cache and cookies.

In addition to cache and cookies, we suggest that you clear up the browsing history of your device. In case you are using more than one browser on the device, you must clean the browsing history from all the browsers. Secondly, the same issue can occur if there are malicious files on the device. So, you must download the antivirus or anti-malware app to clear the malicious files.

3) Distance

The weak internet signals might be the reason why the Netgear extender is showing no internet error. In that case, you have to consider the distance between the Netgear extender and the Wi-Fi router. That being said, you have to reduce the distance between these two devices to ensure the internet signals are stronger. Once the internet signals are strong, the no internet error will be fixed with Netgear extender.

4) Modem

Some people use cable modems and broadband modems with the Wi-Fi router. If you are using a similar combination of devices, you must ensure that the distance between the routers and modems is minimized. This reduction in distance will ensure that router and modem connectivity is streamlined. Also, it will strengthen the wireless connection.

Once the distance between modems and router is minimized, you can connect them to the Netgear extender. As a result, the internet connection will improve, and the “no internet” issue will be fixed. While you are at it, it is better to update the firmware of the cable modem and broadband modem.

5) Ethernet Cable

The wireless signal interruptions can result in internet connection issues. So, if you want to fix the no internet issue, we suggest that you use the ethernet cables. In particular, you should connect the Netgear extender and Wi-Fi router through ethernet cable as it improves the signal transmission. In addition to this, make sure that the ethernet cable is properly connected and is not loose.

6) Power Cycle

Whenever you struggle with internet connection issues, it is better to power cycle the router, modems, and Netgear router. For power cycling, you must disconnect all these devices from the power connection and wait for ten minutes. After ten minutes, plug in the modems and routers and let them switch on completely. Once the modem and routers are switched on, switch on the Netgear extender and connect it to the router and modem. As a result, we are certain that the internet connection will be streamlined.

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