Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting? 7 Fixes

why does my chromebook keep restarting
why does my chromebook keep restarting

Imagine having the important Zoom meeting and the Chromebook shuts off. For this reason, people ask, “why does my Chromebook keep restarting?” To be honest, Chromebooks are amazing laptops with high-end technology but there are some glitches. So, are you ready to check out how this restarting issue can be fixed?

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Restarting?

1) Update The Chromebook

The first reason why your Chromebook is restarting is the outdated Chromebook. For this reason, you must ensure that your laptop is up to date. The updates are pretty much automatic but it must be rebooted to apply the settings. So, if your laptop starts restarting out of nowhere, you must reboot the Chromebook on your own for applying the settings.

In addition to updating the Chromebook, you must install the latest Chrome version on the laptop. For updating Chrome, you need to open the app, tap on the menu button, and click on “About Google Chrome.” Now, look for updates and install if there are some. Once Chrome is updated, you can restart the Chromebook.

2) Soft Reset

If the reboot doesn’t work, you have to soft reset the Chromebook. This is because the laptop might be restarting due to lingering codes, so why don’t you switch off the laptop for some time. In addition, restarting the laptop will clear out the RAM cache. So, just hit the shut down button from the menu (please don’t switch on sleep mode or hibernate mode).

3) Shut-Off Settings

If your Chromebook keeps restarting out of nowhere, there are chances of incorrect shut-off settings. For this purpose, you have to open Chrome and move to “chrome://settings” and look for the device option. From this tab, tap on the power button and adjust the settings to prevent an automatic shutdown. Also, don’t use the “shut off when the lid is closed” option because it can cause abrupt restarting.

4) Apps Or Extensions

There are chances that the Chrome apps and extensions might be conflicting with the laptop or have bad code which can impact the shutdown cycle. This is because some extensions can hinder the shutting off (you won’t be able to switch off the laptop). Similarly, there are extension issues that keep the laptop from staying switched on. So, it’s suggested that you delete the add-ons or extensions.

On the other hand, if you cannot delete the extensions, why don’t you switch on the guest mode? This is because the guest mode allows the users to use Chromebooks without any apps or extensions.

5) Charging Issues

Sometimes, the issue can be as small as Chromebook not charging. For this reason, we suggest that you switch on the Chromebook and make sure that the charging cable is plugged into the laptop as well as the power socket firmly. Also, please ensure that the charging cable is working fine and has no damages (internal or external).

Secondly, you must check the power socket and ensure that it’s providing ample power to the laptop through the charging cable. In simpler words, just make sure that the Chromebook is properly charging because low charging can also result in sudden restarting.

6) Overheating

If you are using your Chromebook to browse websites, play games, watch videos, and playing music at one time, it might be overheating the laptop. Keep in mind that the laptop might not feel hot to touch but has internal overheating. So, when the Chromebook keeps restarting, there are chances that it has exceeded the internal temperature threshold.

In that case, we suggest that you keep the laptop switched off for some time because it can help cool down the internal components of the laptop. Secondly, the clogged-up dust in the ports can reduce the cooling fan’s capabilities. We suggest that you clean up all the ports and make sure the dust is cleared up.

7) Hard Reset

If the soft reset doesn’t fix the restarting issue with the Chromebook, you have to perform the hard reset. The hard reset will restart all the hardware connected to Chromebook. However, it can delete the files from the downloads folder, so back up your important files before a hard reset. For performing the hard reset, switch off the Chromebook, and once it’s switched off, hit the refresh button.

While you are holding the refresh button, press the power button from your other finger and keep holding the refresh button while Chromebook is switching on.

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