LG TV Keeps Restarting: 3 Ways To Fix

lg tv keeps restarting
lg tv keeps restarting

Watching television while you are bored or have nothing else to do is quite common. Though, people also enjoy watching movies and shows on cable services. Considering this, you should already know how important it is to own a television. But when it comes to selecting these devices, there are tons of companies to choose from. This can make the choice difficult for the users.

Luckily, LG is among the top brands that manufacture these. All of the televisions provided by them come with tons of features added to them. These can make your experience much more enjoyable.

Though, there are also some issues that you can run into instead. One of the most common ones that people have reported is that their LG TV keeps restarting. If you are also getting the same problem then going through this article should help you in fixing it.

LG TV Keeps Restarting

  1. Check Connections

The first thing that you should look out for when your television keeps restarting is its cables. The problem is most likely caused when your connections have become too loose. You should note that outlets have small springs in them that will hold your cable when it is plugged in. Using these will eventually cause the springs to lose their elasticity which will make your cables fall out easily.

Considering this, you can check the condition of your sockets to see if the wire is being held in one place properly. Additionally, make sure that the power cord behind your TV is also connected properly. While some companies come with a cord built into the device. This is not the case for LG. They provide their users with a separate cable that they can plug into their TV and socket.

If this has become damaged from bents then you can simply replace it with a new one. These should be available at most electrical stored nearby you. Though, one thing to keep in check is the voltage ratings on these wires. Makes sure that the current matches with your older cable as using a high current one can damage your device.

Finally, you can also take a look at the current coming from your outlet. But this can be dangerous to check on your own. This is why one better option is to contact an electrician. They will properly check your outlets and will tighten them up or replace them for you if required.

  1. Timer Settings

Most LG TV has a timer setting on them. This feature is quite useful as it allows you to set up specific times after which the device will shut down. Using this can give you the option to limit the use of your television for yourself or someone from your family.

Though, if you have accidentally set up these settings and were unaware of them. Then your television might be rebooting due to this instead of there being an error with it.  You can access these settings by going to the main control panel of your device. Keep in mind that you can use both your remote or the buttons on your device to browse through these.

Now swipe down a little and you will notice the option for ‘Time’ here. Open this up and look for any configurations that have been set up. If there are then you can either change these according to your usage. Alternatively, you can simply disable the feature or remove its configuration. Both of these should allow you to get rid of the problem.

  1. Damaged Motherboard

If you have tried going through all the troubleshooting steps but are still getting the same error on your device. Then there is a high chance that the motherboard of your LG TV has gotten damaged. This usually happens if the device went through an electric surge or low voltage.

If the mainboard of your television has become faulty then there is no way to fix it. You can try contacting the support team for LG and see if the device is still under warranty. They can then check it for you and provide you with a solution. In most cases, if the model you were using was an older one. Then you will have to get the entire television replaced as any option for repairs will cost you a lot.

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  1. Reasonable suggestions, but after checking everything as suggested, where does that leave one? If the board was the cause, why doesn’t the problem occur all the time? It is very intermittent, but when it starts happening again, it does it sometimes 3 times one after another, then it behaves itself for a while, can be 2 weeks straight, then starts doing it once more.

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