6 Ways To Fix Sharp Aquos TV Keeps Restarting Issue

Sharp Aquos TV Keeps Restarting
Sharp Aquos TV Keeps Restarting

Sharp Aquos is a well-known brand among people who want component screens or LCD TVs. The company is actually the brainchild of Hisense but users often complain that Sharp Aquos keeps restarting. With this article, we are sharing the solutions with you!

Sharp Aquos Keeps Restarting

1) Signal Format

The first solution is to tweak the signal format from the display settings. This is because incorrect display settings can cause a repetitive restarting issue. That being said, you have to open the display settings from your TV settings.

Generally, the Sharp Aquos TVs have 1080p as the native signal format. However, you should choose different signal formats if they are available. In addition, why don’t you play with different screen resolutions to see if it fixes the restarting issue?

2) Inverter

If your Sharp Aquos TV’s power LED light blinks one time before it boots up, it is because of the bad inverter. If you have some technical skills, you can take off the TV’s back and look for the inverter. You can use the multimeter to check the continuity of the inverter. If you witness continuity issues, you have to replace the inverter and make sure that you make all the connections properly.

3) Power Supply

In case the Power LED light blinks two times in a second and then boots up, it is because the power supply has gone bad or is faulty. First of all, you must check the power cable and make sure that there are no external or internal damages (the internal issues can be checked by the multimeter). You must change the power cable to ensure it works properly with the TV.

Secondly, the power cable must be connected to the power outlet properly to ensure a sufficient power supply. While we are talking about the power supply, there are chances of a failed capacitor. The failed capacitor has to be replaced by the technician to make sure the power supply is sufficient.

4) Main Board

To be honest, you should pray that the mainboard hasn’t gone bad because you will need to replace the entire mainboard (it can be pretty expensive). To determine if the mainboard has gone bad, see if the power LED light is blinking three times in a second. So, if the power LED light is blinking three times, call the technician and ask him to replace the mainboard.

5) Software

If you are using the Smart TV and it keeps restarting, it might be because there is a software update that you haven’t installed. Sharp Aquos regularly launched software updates for fixing the bugs and streamlining the TV performance. That being said, you have to look for the software update and install it on the TV if it’s launched by the company. When the update is installed, the Sharp Aquos TV will reboot and start working properly.

6) Factory Reset

The last option is to factory reset the Sharp Aquos TV because it deletes the incorrect settings that are causing repetitive restarting. You can consult the instruction manual to access the instructions for resetting the TV.

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