Google Drive Not Authorized To Download: 4 Fixes

google drive not authorized to download
google drive not authorized to download

Google Drive is widely used by people who want to access the files online but don’t want to rely on emails. The files can be directly uploaded to and downloaded from Google Drive accounts. However, if you are struggling with authorization issues whenever you try to download the files, we have got some fixes for you!

Google Drive Not Authorized To Download

1) Internet Connection

In the majority of cases, the authorization issue isn’t there at all and you are unable to download the files because the internet connection isn’t working properly. For this purpose, you have to check the internet connection.

In the case of Windows system, open the settings and move to the network and internet tab. From this tab, you can see the network status, and if there is an issue with the internet connection, tap on the network troubleshooter and it shall fix the internet.

On the contrary, if you are using a Mac system, open the system preferences and move to the network. From the network menu, choose the network adapter and you will see the internet connection status. If there are issues with the internet connection, call the internet service provider and streamline the connectivity.

2) Clear Cache & Data

When the cache and data are accumulated on the web browser, it will lead to formatting issues and loading problems can also occur. Similarly, it can be the reason behind downloading issues. For this reason, you should clean up the browser on a regular basis and we are sharing instructions to clear cache and data from Google Chrome;

  • Open the menu from the top-right corner (there will be three vertical dots) and choose the more tools button
  • Now, tap on clear browser data and choose any time as the time range
  • Then, check the boxes “cached images and files” and “cookies and other data” and tap on the clear data option
  • Consequently, the web browser will be cleaned

3) Browser Updates

The outdated web browsers have higher chances of connectivity and downloading errors. This is why the internet experts suggest regular updating of the web browsers. So, you need to download the Google Chrome updates and it can fix the download errors. For the most part, Google Chrome is updated automatically when you are connected to the internet, but if it doesn’t, we are sharing the manual steps below;

  • Choose the help button and move down to the “About Google Chrome”
  • In case the update is available, Google Chrome will start the downloading of the new version
  • When the new update is complete, tap on the “relaunch” button, and the Chrome will start working properly

4) Reset

Before you get scared of losing all the data, let us tell you that we are talking about resetting the Google Chrome settings. This is because incorrect settings and extensions can lead to downloading and authorization issues. For this reason, you can depend on Google Chrome reset to fix the issue. Keep in mind that resetting Google Chrome will log you out of the account but it won’t delete the personal information.

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