Why Can’t I Get ABC On My Antenna?

why can't i get abc on my antenna
why can’t i get abc on my antenna

If you are using a service that uses a satellite network for communication over your TV, then you must know that it requires an antenna that acts as the signal receiver from the satellite. Now, you might be using a service subscription from one of the providers out there, having the best equipment, or there are some freeware antennas and DVRs that you can use to catch signals for all the free channels.

Whatever the case might be, you would want to get access to all of your favorite channels and you will be worried if you are unable to get any of those channels on your antenna. So, here is how you can get it fixed in no time at all, given you have the right setup for the channel frequency.

Why Can’t I Get ABC On My Antenna?

Check your equipment

There are lots of components and equipment involved with a satellite receiver for TV service and they can vary based on the frequency range, what channels they can decode, and stuff like that. So, if you want to get access to a certain channel on your antenna, and you are having problems with that, you will need to check if your equipment is enabled to get that channel on the network.

You will need to check on your antenna, your receiver, decoder, and DVR if they all have the capability to receive the frequency for that channel and stuff like that. All the information can be found on the channel websites and this will help you get a better idea. You might need to replace your equipment if it is not the right one or try out some other troubleshooting steps if you got the appropriate equipment such as:

Contact your Carrier

Now, if you have a subscription with some major TV carrier or a company that is providing you all the equipment, you will need to contact them in order to get the right information on the topic. They will be able to help you with the confirmation if your equipment is right, and the channel is supported by them. You might need to have your plan for the service upgraded and that will unlock the channel on your card and you will be able to stream that without having any issue.

Change the Antenna direction

An old-way to have such problems fixed is to aim your antenna in a different direction. There are multiple factors involved such as weather conditions, satellite positioning, and stuff like that. So, you need to aim your antenna in a different direction and then scan for the channels again. This works most of the time and you will be able to get the right channel through this method.

Although, this method will consume some time as you will need to try out different directions and multiple rescans on your DVR box. That is why you should try out the upper troubleshooting steps first to ensure that you are eligible to stream that channel and then you can use it on your antenna without issues.

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