Why Can’t I Get ABC On My Antenna?

why can't i get abc on my antenna
why can’t i get abc on my antenna

A large number of people opt for satellite TV nowadays, due to its commodity and the huge number of available channels. Apart from that, the current technologies allow the signal to reach users’ TV sets and deliver endless hours of entertainment in a stable and uninterrupted way.

As we know, satellite TV services work with antennas to deliver the service, since they act as an intermediate receiver that sends the signal to the TV sets.

Some of the most common satellite TV services even offer other features, such as DVR, which allow users to record their favourite TV shows and watch them later. Apart from the practicality and efficiency that comes with this kind of service, most of the available plans are quite affordable.

This helps providers keep their places in the list of most subscribers and demands them to constantly improve the quality of their service.

However, a number of users have reported not being able to access some of their favourite channels through their satellite TV services. That is mainly because providers usually offer a huge range of free channels and not always some of the most renowned paid ones.

Anyhow, there is a way to get all your favourites, or at least most of them, with your satellite TV service.

Why Can’t I Get ABC On My Antenna?

As many users have been attempting to get some of their favourite channels in their satellite TV services without much success, we brought you today a list of tricks any user can attempt without a single drop of damage to the equipment.

So, without further ado, here is what you can do to get your favourite channels in your satellite TV service.

1. Make Sure Your Equipment Can Receive Them

Make Sure Your Equipment Can Receive Them

Different channels work with different frequency ranges. This means, if the components of your satellite TV service are not properly set up, they will simply not reach the frequency range in which those channels work.

Also, some pieces of equipment might have a limitation on what they can decode, which might be another obstacle to getting your favourite channels. So, have your equipment checked for the frequency range you wish to get channels from and that should do the trick.

Bear in mind, though, that you will probably need to check all the components of your satellite TV service, which normally include antennas, receivers, decoders and DVR devices. In order for the setup to receive the signal from the channels, they will all have to be able to reach the frequency range.

Lastly, look for the information regarding the frequency range on your favourite channel’s official webpage before you start checking your whole system. That way you will not end up doing all the work for nothing.

In the event your equipment cannot reach the frequency range your favourite channels work within, you might want to think about changing it. Since one of the reasons why you got satellite TV service in the first place is to enjoy their shows, changing equipment will definitely be an effective way to get those channels.

2. Try Contacting Your Provider

Try Contacting Your Provider
In the event you check all your equipment and find out its proper enough to get the frequency range of the channels you wish to have on your TV and they still don’t appear on your list, make sure to contact your carrier.

Most major TV providers have already thought about how you would like to enjoy the shows of your favourite channels, so they will surely have the necessary info to get them working. Also, once you check the whole setup, they can verify if everything is in order for you to receive those channels.

However, as many users have reported, it is often a matter of the package you purchased, so take a look at the other plans your carrier offers. The odds a larger package includes the channels you are looking for are quite high.

Luckily, nowadays, users can upgrade their plans even over apps or even their official webpages. Should you, on the other hand, feel like you are more of a caller, ring their sales department and get the upgrade that will deliver your favourite channels.

3. Make Sure To Calibrate The Antenna

Make Sure To Calibrate The Antenna

Surely this fix sounds like an outdated manoeuvre, but it actually can get you what you are looking for. It’s not that your antenna has to be moved in the direction of the channel’s satellite every time you wish to watch it, rather than some natural event might have caused it to move.

When it comes to antenna calibration, fractions of an inch can make a difference between getting the channels you want to watch or not. So, follow the instructions of your provider and calibrate your antenna. Then, run the channel scan to see if the ones you are looking for appear on the list.

Even though it may seem ineffective, adjusting your antenna position is highly helpful and won’t require an expert. The flip side is that you will probably have to attempt the calibration several times if you don’t have the proper equipment.

However, the time it usually takes to contact customer support, schedule a visit, and wait for the technicians to properly calibrate your antenna might take longer.

4. Contact Customer Support

you might want to contact your carrier’s customer support

Should you attempt all the fixes in the list and still can’t get your favourite channels, you might want to contact your carrier’s customer support. Their highly trained professionals are used to dealing with all sorts of issues, so they will most likely have some other tricks for you to try.

Also, should these tricks be above your tech expertise, they can always step by for a visit and handle the issue on your behalf. Additionally, once they are around, they can check the other components for possible issues and get them out of the way in no time.

The Last Word

Drop a message in the comments section explaining

On a final note, in the event you find out about other ways to get those ‘special’ channels on your satellite TV service, make sure to tell us all about it. Drop a message in the comments section explaining the steps and help other readers enjoy their favourite channels as well.

Lastly, by giving us a bit of feedback, you will aid us in making our community stronger.

8 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Get ABC On My Antenna?”

  1. i have a ROKU tv. with an antenna and internet. chan KTRK 13 ABC in Houston does not exist on my antenna app. It goes from 11.11 (CBS) to 14.1 (TBN)

  2. I got a newer nicer tv and a more powerful antenna and I haven’t been able to watch ABC since. I have friends with the same problem.

  3. I have watched ABC channel 13 for months already, with an antenna in Colorado Springs but today all I receive is snow! Has the station been taken off the air??
    This is my first post!

    • I can’t get it ABC either. Did you find a solution? I have a regular big tv antenna on the house too and no ABC.

  4. I’m in San Diego and I’ve had ABC with my antenna for 5 years. Suddenly last Thursday it was gone, no signal. No warning, no reason. I didn’t change anything. The same thing happened a few months ago with CBS. I’ve tried everything from moving the antenna to rescanning my TV, all for nothing. ABC and CBS are just gone.

    • Same thing here. I live close to channel 10 abc and can’t even get it anymore. And it’s local. No more channel 8 cbs and now channel 10. I wonder what’s next

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