4 Best Cox Cable Mini Box Alternatives

cox cable mini box alternative
cox cable mini box alternative

Sure, you thought that the Cox cable mini box is the perfect solution for everyone looking for some nice channels. On the contrary, there have been multiple complaints about mini boxes, such as missing channels and tedious activation which makes us think about the other routes to take. Well, to help you all out, we have some great Cox Cable mini box alternatives in this article. Let’s dig in!

Cox Cable Mini Box Alternative

1. Nexus Media Player

Well, who doesn’t know about Nexus and how amazing it can be, right? It’s here again as a blessing in disguise if you’ve had enough of the mini box. That’s to say because you can create a fine and streamlined combination of the Nexus media player and the cable card tuner. The cable card tuner can be easily rented for less than $2 a month. While you are using the Nexxus on TV, the tuner will be attached to the network and offers three streams at one time. This combination will easily cover you for good three to four years, without compromising on the HD video quality.

2. Tivo Bolt

For everyone who doesn’t want to call in help and don’t want to create a mess, Tivo Bolt is the ultimate choice. It is pretty clear the Tivo Bolt is the all-in-one solution since it’s a full-fledged DVR. The cherry on top, it offers cable card support. The best thing about Tivo Bolt is that there is no need to tie up the PC because well, it’s pretty contained. To top it all, TivoBolt has top streaming platforms, inclusive of Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime (HBO too, which you cannot get with Cox Mini Box). If you add in more TVs, you’ll need Tivo Minis for proper connections. But again, there’s the nary hassle of cable cards.

3. OneTV

If we say we are in love with OneTV, it wouldn’t be wrong. First things first, it can be a great alternative to Mini Box with only 100 channels (which go missing, too by the way). We are saying this because you can access over 400 channels with OneTV. Even more, there is a streaming TV feature. However, you might need to go for a digital antenna because signal reception isn’t ideal at all locations. But again, the digital antenna is pretty small and you’ll get all the channels in HD, so we don’t think there is much to complain about!

4. Kodi

While eyeing the alternatives for your Mini Box by Cox, it is better that you stick to the reputed options. That being said, Kodi will work out optimally for you. Kodi offers a wide range of programs, channels, and when it comes down to the feels, everything has been revamped. Some users take time to understand the functionality and features, so you’ll get there too. Kodi has an easy installation process, which clearly means that you won’t have to splurge money on installation fees. Also, there are multiple add-ons that can further improve your experience.

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