8 Reasons Why Lose WiFi On PS4 Same Time Every Night

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Ps4 has a recurring problem of disconnecting from your WiFi. There is a myriad of reasons hardware and software that may lead to this issue.

Getting kicked out of an 8 kill Apex game can be extremely frustrating. Below we have detailed several reasons and their solutions.

Why Do I Lose WiFi On PS4 Same Time Every Night?

  1. The Ps4

It could be a hardware issue inside your ps4. It could also be a software bug. Nonetheless, the only fix for both of these problems is replacing your current PS4.

  1. Wireless receiver

The ps4 has an extremely poor wireless receiver and can have difficulty in capturing your WiFi signals. Make sure your router is placed as close as possible to the PS4.

  1. Interference

Wi-Fi signals are radio waves, and radio waves are very easily obstructed by any type of material. For example, having a wall separating your router and Playstation will affect the quality of the internet your ps4 will run on. Make sure to place your router in an open unobstructed space, allowing the radio waves an easy traversal to your ps4.

  1. Frequency

Even though a 5 GHz connection is faster than a 2.4 GHz connection, its not entirely reliable. So when a ps4 that is set to automatic changes its frequency to 2.4 GHz, this change disconnects the device briefly and the ps4 cannot reconnect to the internet on its own. Thus you lose connection.

To fix this issue disable the 5g band on your router and in your ps4 network settings change the frequency from automatic to a permanent 2.4 GHz.

  1. Wi-Fi channels

Your ps4 might not recognize certain radio channels. The channels 1 to 8 lie in the recognizable range.

But if your ps4 channel setting is set to automatic and your router changes the channel to something above 8, internet connection to your ps4 will cut off.

To fix this set your router channel to a single good channel within the ps4 range.

  1. Firmware

Not having the latest firmware installed in your ps4 can also cause a network issue.

You can check it by going into your ps4 settings. Look for System Software Update and make sure the latest Playstation firmware is installed.

  1. Playstation network

Sometimes your Playstation network can be down. This will make playing a game online close to impossible. You can check this by going into your Playstation settings. Within settings, go into network and look for View Status of Playstation Network Services, select it. Doing so will open up a web page that will show you if the services are up and running.

  1. Network settings

Whether you had previously messed with the network settings or a new update caused them to change. Whatever it may be, resetting your network settings may solve your problem.

You can do that by going into your Playstation settings. Scroll down to Initialization and select it. Within Initialization, you will see the option called Restore Default Settings, select it. Select restore to reset your network settings.

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