5 Ways To Fix White Spots On Vizio TV

white spots on vizio tv
white spots on vizio tv

Providing TV sets with outstanding image quality under affordable prices, Vizio has taken its share of the market and is still a solid option for entertainment. Due to its more modest technological features, in comparison to the top brands in the market nowadays, Vizio Smart TVs tend to have more accessible prices.

This is the main reason why Vizio Smart TVs have such a strong customer base. However, just like any other smart TV brand, Vizio also experiences some unusual issues every now and then. Whether because of configuration or even compatibility problems, users rarely complain about having difficulties using the features of their Vizio Smart TVs.

But it can still happen. Recently, some Vizio Smart TVs seem to have been displaying white spots on the screen more frequently than the manufacturer would like. If this is happening to you, here’s what you need to do to fix it.

How To Fix The White Spots On Vizio Smart TV?

Before we get to the part where we walk you through the easy solutions for the white spots problem with Vizio Smart TVs, let us share some useful info with you. Prior to attempting any of the easy solutions herein, make sure to check if your Vizio Smart TV is still in the warranty period.

That is because, in case it is, then all you have to do is make your way to one of their stores and have a professional, highly trained technician deal with the white spots problem on your behalf.

visit with a tv technician

This should not only save you the time of calling and scheduling a visit with a TV technician, but also ensure you that eventual components replacements will be done with the original parts.

It is pretty much guaranteed that the smart TV will work at peak performance afterward, while a TV specialist may not be able to perform the same kind of job without overpricing it. So, in case your Vizio Smart TV is still within its warranty period, make your way to one of their stores.

However, if the warranty period is already expired, here are the easy solutions you can attempt, or have some professional hands attempt, to get rid of the white spots problem.

1. It May Be An Issue With The Panels

issue with the panels

The most common cause of any screen-related problem is the panels. They are responsible for displaying the image on the screen and, any kind of damage to it can already create a problem for the picture quality. Even though these white spots are barely visible most of the time, or even totally invisible, other times they can be seen perfectly.

Additionally, these white spots can only be visible with light or white color graphics settings. As so many users opt for light or white graphics settings, these white spots tend to become fairly visible, so make sure to get some work done on your Vizio Smart TV if you notice them.

Also, performing repairs on TV panels can require a great deal of tech expertise. So, in case you don’t consider your level of tech knowledge high enough for the task, make sure to call a professional. Explain the issue and the professional should suggest a repair of the panel.

While that is probably going to be cheaper than replacing the damaged panel, it will still be a temporary solution. So, either you get ready to spend a bit more for a replacement, or you get ready to face the same kind of problem with the white spots later on.

2. It May Be Something With The Signal Sources

something with the signal sources

In case you get your Vizio Smart TV panels checked and find out there is nothing wrong with them but you still notice the white spots on the screen, it may be time to check the devices that are connected to the TV.

As it goes, failures in connections, damages to cables or connectors, and even outdated firmware versions can cause the Vizio Smart TV screen to display white spots. Compatibility problems rarely occur between Vizio Smart TVs and common third-party devices, such as videogame consoles, set-top boxes, or DVR players.

However, due to a temporary circumstance, a problem can end up causing the TV screen to end up displaying white spots. So, make sure to inspect cables and connectors. Ensure cables are tightly attached to the correct ports and that the cables are in good condition.

All these factors can affect image streaming and cause the Vizio Smart TV screen to display white spots. A good way to go after you inspect the cables and connectors for damage and the connections themselves is to redo the cabling between the Vizio Smart TV and the third-party devices connected to it.

3. You May Have To Replace The DLP Chip

replace the dlp chip

Most Vizio Smart TVs run with DLP chips and since different TV models have different display features, the chip version may also vary. DLP chips are designed with tiny mirrors on their surface that represent the dots and pixels on the screen.

So, if for whatever reason any of these dots or pixels stop working, the Vizion Smart TV screen should also display the white spots. So, if there is nothing wrong with the panels and the connections with all third-party devices have been inspected, there is a fairly high chance the problem lies with the DLP chip.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it rather than replace it. Repaired chipsets rarely deliver the same level of performance and besides being expensive, should only give users a little more time until they have no other alternative than replace the component.

Bear in mind, though, that, as mentioned before, different Vizio Smart TV models have different DLP chips. That is to say, in case you have to replace the DLP chip, make sure to know the exact model you need so you don’t get ripped off by the salesperson or technician.

4. Then It Has To Be Something With The Display

something with the display

In the event that you attempt all the solutions in the list and the white spots remain on the screen of your Vizio Smart TV, there is one more component you can check before getting extra help. The panels and the DLP chip are not the only internal picture-related components that can cause white spots to appear on the screen.

The display, also mistaken for the panels, can also be responsible for this kind of image problem. Sometimes, TV displays are put under too much pressure, which may lead them to experience problems.

So, call a technician, explain that you have already been through the other options, and ask for a calibration of the display. This should prevent the equipment from putting too much pressure on the display and the white spots on the screen should disappear.

5. Contact Customer Support

help from the company’s representatives

In case none of the four easy solutions above work and the white spots remain on the screen of your Vizion Smart TV, the last viable option is to get some help from the company’s representatives.

Give customer support a call, explain the problem, and let them know the fixes you have already attempted. Being used to dealing with all types of problems, highly trained technicians like the ones that work at Vizio will definitely have other tricks for you to try.

The Last Word

On a final note, in the event you come across other easy solutions to the white spots problem with Vizio Smart TVs, don’t keep them to yourself. Write to us through the comments box below and let others know there are further fixes out there.

Also, with every piece of feedback our community grows stronger and more united. So, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out!

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