5 Ways To Fix DirecTV White Screen

directv white screen
directv white screen

DirecTV has a variety of content and media to offer to people who need all-time entertainment. DirecTV also offers easy access to on-demand channels and news channels. Consequently, some users have DirecTV white screen and they are unable to comprehend the issue. Also, it can be pretty frustrating. So, we have outlined some easy troubleshooting methods for you to try and fix the white screen issue!

DirecTV White Screen

1) Reset

The first option is to try resetting the receiver. When you are using the DirecTV receivers, the red button will be usually available at the backside of the panel or at the side. Once you press this red button, the receiver will be reset and it will take around ten minutes for the complete reset. Once the receiver is fully reset, you can connect it to the TV and the white screen will be gone.

2) Call DirecTV

When it comes down to the people who are unable to fix the white screen issue with DirecTV, there might be something wrong with the overall network. With this being said, you need to call DirecTV customer support and have them look at your network. Consequently, they will inspect your network and line out the potential issues.

We suggest asking them to troubleshoot your network from their network. This is because when they troubleshoot the network, it will fix the majority of issues and the white screen will be fixed as well.

3) Connection

In case there is a white screen or the blue screen, there are high chances that your TV has been disconnected from DirecTV. In this case, you need to check the cable connection from the TV to the DirecTV; the cables must be tightly and securely inserted. We suggest that you take out the cables and insert them again as it optimizes that cables are properly plugged in.

Secondly, you need to focus on the fact that your TV is properly set into the right input. You can make sure that cables are plugged into the right ports. You can also check the input and plugging through the remote control.

4) Online Reset

In case you don’t want to conduct the reset by pressing the red reset button, you can obviously opt for the online reset. The online reset with DirecTV can be done by following the steps in the section below;

  • First of all, open the official DirecTV website
  • Open the Manage My Plan tab
  • Now, click on the manage and learn option
  • Press on the refresh receiver

This will easily reset the receiver but it might take up to five minutes. However, once the reset is complete, the white screen issue will be easily fixed.

5) Software

In addition to all these troubleshooting methods, you need to make sure that the receiver has the latest software. This is because if there are software issues, the white screen issue is highly likely to occur. You can check the software update from the official receiver website, and if there is one, just download it and install it on your receiver.

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