What Is com.ws.dm?

what is com.ws.dm
what is com.ws.dm

If you are an AT&T user and you are using an android device, you may come across the activities screen on your phone and find that your device used com.ws.dm. This can be very confusing for the users as it is not related to any of the apps on their device and it does not relate to the system applications of the device itself either. If you have come across this activity and are wondering as to what this may be and how to deal with it, then here is everything that you need to know.

What is com.ws.dm?

Com.ws.dm is the AT&T update manager app. Here ws probably mean Web Services, and dm means Download Manager. So this app com.ws.dm may be the default app from AT&T that updates all the AT&T related apps and services on your device. It may appear as a software update application on some devices. Typically it has an icon that looks like a red and blue arrow and a grey textbox along with an exclamation mark.

Can This App Slow My Device?

Since it is appearing in your activity log, this app would certainly be using some level of the processing power of your device and maybe slowing down the device at times. However, it would not have a significant effect on the speed of your device. If still you want to improve the speed of your device, you can try one of the following things.

  • Freeze com.ws.dm app.
  • Disable com.ws.dm app.
  • Remove com.ws.dm app.

While taking these actions will certainly stop the app from working, free up a bit of space, and improve the speed of your device a little, it can have a few drawbacks as well.

Potential Drawbacks of Removing, Freezing, or Disabling com.ws.dm app

Here are some of the potential drawbacks of removing, freezing, or disabling the com.ws.dm app on your device.

  • Since it is the update manager from AT&T, your device may not be able to update the AT&T applications on its own. This would mean that whenever a new update comes from AT&T for one of its apps, your device will not automatically fetch those updates. This may cause some issues with the working of the apps over time. Also, you will need to update the applications on your own.
  • There is a possibility that since your AT&T apps will not be able to get updates on their own promptly, there may be a few bugs or even security issues that your device, the apps, or your AT&T account may be vulnerable to. Although the chance of this happening is very low, it is still a possibility.

How to Deal With com.ws.dm App?

It is probably best to leave this app running. It is simply an automatic update manager that does not take up much space and does not interfere much with the working of your device or Internet connection. Also, this app won’t drain the battery life of your device a lot. It simply runs in the background looking for any updates and acts only when the updates are available which is very rare.

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