How To Connect External Hard Drive To AT&T U-verse Router?

how to connect external hard drive to att uverse router
how to connect external hard drive to att uverse router

People all around the world use internet services in their homes. This lets them watch movies, listen to songs and even play games. Aside from this, the internet can also help people to speed up their workflow. They can even make backup copies of their data which will both keep it protected.

Additionally, you can access this whenever you want to as long as you have a stable internet connection. There are tons of other features that this service comes with. Although, these usually depend on what ISP you are using. AT&T is among one of the best telecommunications companies that have some of the best features.

AT&T U-Verse

AT&T U-Verse or also commonly known as U-verse has tons of services. However, it is now only known for its IPTV services. This includes telephone, the internet as well as television cable options. You can select between several packages that the company provides. This includes both separate subscriptions for their services as well as complete packages that have all the features included.

The bandwidth limits and speeds for these also vary depending on your package which is why it is important to select them carefully. When it comes to the cable services from AT&T, one of the best features is the ability to add shows to your library. You can even download these on your router and then watch them whenever you want to. This also lets you forward the show or rewind it which means that you no longer have to miss a thing.

How to Connect External Hard Drive To AT&T U-verse Router?

Talking about the recording feature on the AT&T U-Verse router, people might sometimes think about connecting an external hard drive to their device. This is because of the space being limited on the router itself.

Aside from this, some people might also want to connect extra storage so that they can transfer their files or share them easily. Whatever the case might be, you can easily connect your external hard drive to your router. The only requirement to do so is to have USB ports on your router. You can then start by selecting the drive you want to connect.

There are no limitations on how much storage you can attach to your router. This is why you can choose an external drive as long as its wire has a USB port. After you are done with this, the user can proceed to activate USB drive sharing on their router.

You will have to access the settings of your router for this which requires you to log in to your network. If you had changed your login credentials previously then you will have to use those to log in to your router. Although, if you had not changed these then the password and username should both be ‘admin’.

If not, then the password might be set to ‘password’. Keep in mind that both of these are case sensitive so make sure that you switch off your caps lock in advance. Finally, after signing in, you can browse through the options to find the USB drive sharing options and enable them.

The settings can be different depending on what model of router you are using. This is exactly why it is better that you consult the manual that your device came with. This should contain all the information required and should also help you in enabling the setting.

Finally, you can connect your external hard drive through the USB port. The user can then access their hard drive from their networking settings. This requires you to have a computer system or laptop with you as this will make it easier to access the files. You can share these among the devices on your network or even add extra files to the storage. These can then be accessed on all the devices connected to your internet connection.

Talking about this, you should also keep in mind that keeping a password over your storage is a good option. This is because, without a pin, anyone who connects to your network can access the files on your hard drive. Aside from this, third-party applications can also access these which is why you must keep these protected.

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