AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available: 4 Fixes

at&t voicemail service not available
at&t voicemail service not available

AT&T is one of the most major mobile phone carriers in not only the US and Canada but all over the world and they are offering some truly great features in addition to their superb services including better connectivity, a stable network all over the country, and all that at some of the most affordable tariffs out there. You will certainly be enjoying tons of features including one of the most important and somewhat basic features known as Voicemail over the AT&T network.

AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available

Voicemail is the feature that allows anyone who calls you to record their voice messages for you in case you are unable to take the call for any reason. This helps you stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues even when you are driving, sleeping, or occupied elsewhere. The service comes in pretty handy for most people, but it can also be a mess if it stops working for some reason, or you are not able to activate it in the first place. If the service is not working for you and you are getting an error stating, AT&T Voicemail Service Not Available, here are a few things that you need to do to have it fixed.

1) Set it Up Properly

The first thing that you will need to on the phone if AT&T Voicemail service says not available is to know how to set it up properly. You might not be doing it right, or there can be some other error with the setup process that can cause you to face this issue. You will need to open the myAT&T account on some laptop, PC or phone and go to “My Wireless Section”. Here, you will see all the wireless devices that you have over your AT&T account. Choose the device that is having some issue with the Voicemail and under the device options, you will be able to find the Voicemail button.

Tap on the button and reset your voicemail password according to the instructions and prompts you are getting. Once you have done all this, restart your device and it will start working for you without any issues at all.

2) Check your Internet Connectivity

You need to know that Voicemail works over the internet instead of your regular mobile signals so you must have an active internet connection on your phone to access the voicemail server. Make sure that you have data on your plan and an active internet connection if you are trying to connect it over Wi-Fi.

You will also need to ensure that your phone doesn’t have any VPN enabled on it that might be messing up with your service. A VPN will mask all the traffic that is routed to and from your phone and AT&T will block the voicemail on any phone or device that is not on a secure network due to security reasons. Once you have ensured all that, you will be able to access the AT&T voicemail server without the slightest of issues.

3) Reset Network Settings

You might have installed some third-party application recently that can cause you to have this issue. Make sure that there are no applications that require access to your network settings. Your network configuration should always be default and set according to the carrier you have.

So, uninstall any such applications and then check the box saying automatic network selection. Once you have done that, you will also need to reset the network settings to default. The last step will be to reboot your phone and that will do the trick for you. After the restart, check for voicemail and you will be able to access the server and all the voicemails that are stored for your account.

4) Contact AT&T Support

You will also need to contact AT&T support if you have tried everything above and you are still not able to access the AT&T Voicemail Server. Upon contacting the support department, you will get all the assistance and guidance and they will be able to figure out the issue that is causing you to see this error and have it fixed properly for you, so you can enjoy the Voicemail service once again without having any issues or hassles.

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