Vivint Wireless Internet Review – Worth It?

Vivint Wireless Internet Review
Vivint Wireless Internet Review

Vivint is one of the most popular companies offering wireless internet services as well as home security and automation solutions.

Vivint has completely ditched the wired systems as they are vulnerable to internet issues and cyberattacks. The company leverages cellular and wireless technology to offer a high-speed internet connection.

Vivint Wireless Internet Review

Vivint Wireless Internet – The Overview

Vivint is one of the first internet service providers that offered fiber-fast internet speed through the air. With this internet service, they offer antennas that are reliable and convenient to install.

The antennas are weatherproof, promising a secure wireless internet connection. From the beginning, the company has been popular for offering smart home technology.

Vivint internet is a broadband service that offers high-speed internet services to residential customers, and that too, through the air.

The internet service is affordable and efficient as compared to other ISPs. They are offering a symmetrical download and upload speed of 100Mbps to suburban users – this is the fastest internet available in such areas of the US.

  1. Internet Technology

According to the company, they ensure maximum internet speed by implementing the hub home deployment model – it ensures that internet speed remains exceptional even during peak times.

With the hub home deployment model, it beams the high-speed internet data from local fiber optic AP (access points) to the hub home that’s located in a central part of the neighborhood.

The hub home relays the internet signals to the consumers’ homes – it helps maintain the quality and speed of the internet signals.

In addition, the hub home deployment model ensures that the network isn’t overburdened, irrespective if there is peak time.

According to the majority of users, the Vivint wireless internet service promises internet speed 9x more than the average internet connection available in the US.


The internet speed is faster compared to average DSL speeds and there are no slow-downs and drops in the evening either. Also, Vivint has created patented antennas and radios that help them achieve top-notch speeds.

  1. Customer Service

Vivint says that the users have been frustrated by abysmal customer support service and they are trying to make a change.

For this purpose, the company is offering 24/7 live customer support at 855-881-3385. In addition to this, you can fill out the form and the customer support representative will contact you within 24 hours.


  1. Availability

Vivint wireless internet services are available in the pilot cities, such as El Paso, San Antonio, Texas, and the entire Utah state. However, they intend on expanding the internet service to more cities and states.

In addition, they have installed network and internet servers in the concentrated spots of Clearfield and Wasatch Front. Also, internet services are available in Eagle Mountain as well.

  1. Pricing

Vivint wireless internet services are available for monthly charges of $59.99 and the speed is over 100Mbps. In addition, promotional prices are available in some selected areas.

There is an option to add the VoIP service, which costs around $14.99. In addition, you can upgrade the cloud storage for data and file storage, which costs $9.99.

  1. Internet Speed

The price and the internet speed are pretty awesome and you get higher value for money. Honestly, there are chances of slowdowns during peak times and the location can have a direct impact on internet speed.


In most cases, Vivint wireless internet delivers the promised internet speed, including download and upload speed.

The best thing about their wireless internet service is that the latency is exceptional and the connections promise internet speed like fiber connections.

The latency or ping is around 40ms on DNS servers (you can check on the server). In fact, it doesn’t exceed 80ms, which is good but don’t expect anything exceptional.

In addition, the company has a mesh network, with which they started offering internet services through 2.4GHz and 5GHz internet spectrum bands. However, the 5GHz band was diminished by third-party interference

However, Vivint refreshed the internet network model by running the 3.5GHz and 60GHz CBRS spectrum bands, which offers better internet speed – there is no traffic crowding either.

  1. Features

Vivint wireless internet service comes with parental control, which allows the users to select who can access the internet, which websites they can access, and what time they can access the internet.


The users can set up the parental controls from the router configuration interface. There is an advanced tab in the configuration interface and you can go to the “access policy” to select the device for enabling parental controls.

  1. Additional Things To Know

Vivint has shut down a significant part of its wireless services because of high operating costs, tough competition from other wireless internet service providers, and technological lagging.

As far as wireless internet service is concerned, the company acquired Smartrove in 2013 and started offering fixed wireless services.

  1. Discontinuation

Not many people know this but Vivint fixed wireless services were discontinued, and according to the company, they had to shut down because of opposition from competitors and financing.

That’s because the investors don’t like the fixed wireless companies, and unfortunately, Vivint is one of them. In addition, CenturyLink and Comcast have tough competition with the company.


For instance, if Vivint was offering internet for monthly charges of $70, the competitors would reduce the price to $60 and also create two-year contracts with customers, which led to a shrinkage of Vivint users.

However, this doesn’t mean that the company has completely shut its operations as Vivint Internet’s CEO acquired a technology platform and is selling the internet to other operators as a service.

This new company is known as Aervivo and they are offering billing and network hardware. Also, they are targeting fixed wireless, telecommunication, and real estate companies.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Vivint wireless internet services are great for people living in the suburban areas of the US but the company shutdown and acquisition have shrunk the availability.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you reach out to the company and gain information about their internet services before signing up!

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