Motorola NVG599 Review – A Value Buy?

motorola nvg599 review
motorola nvg599 review

Ensuring a high-speed and reliable internet connection doesn’t come easy. This is because, in addition to choosing the reputed internet service provider, one needs to focus on the quality of equipment. Now, if you are setting up the wireless internet connection, there is no way the internet connectivity will be optimized unless you are using the right router, which brings us to our today’s topic. With this article, we are sharing a Motorola NVG599 review because it has gained hype around the globe!

Motorola NVG599 Review

Motorola NVG599 is one of the most popular internet routers out there, but there has been no clear review of its features and other capabilities.

Data Rate

To begin with, this router promises over 1000Mbps of maximum LAN data rate, which means you won’t have to worry about the internet speed going slow. In addition, this LAN capacity means that you will be able to choose any reliable internet service provider without worrying about the router not being able to support the internet speed. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the wireless internet speed, you will be getting the maximum wireless data rate of 300Mbps, which might seem very limited, but it’s fine for home use. This means that you can only use this router for home and won’t suffice for commercial use or for offices.


The second most important consideration of Motorola NVG599 is connectivity. It has the capacity of supporting wireless as well as wired internet connection. When it comes down to wireless connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi 802.11g, and Wi-Fi 802.11b. On the other hand, it can support wired or Ethernet connections, particularly the RJ-45 Ethernet connection. To support the connectivity needs, the company has designed four LAC ports that streamline the internet connectivity.

As we are talking about connectivity, it is important to talk about the Wi-Fi bands. Honestly, this is the best thing about this router because it can support 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz Wi-Fi bandwidths. To illustrate, this dual-band Wi-Fi configuration means that there will be no internet issues, irrespective of which internet network you are connected to. On top of everything, both these Wi-Fi bands can work simultaneously, which means you won’t have to switch off one to use another one.


Performance is one of the most important metrics of Motorola NVG599, and the company has surely worked on the performance. For instance, it has 400 MHz CUP and 128GB RAM, which means there won’t be any slowing down of the router. Keep in mind that if the RAM and CPU are not enough, the router will become hot, which can slow down the signal distribution and will also influence the connectivity. That being said, there won’t be any overheating issues with this router.

DSL Modem Capabilities

In addition to offering a wireless internet connection, Motorola NVG599 also has DSL modem features. To be precise, it has ADSL2+ and VDSL2 to make sure there is something for everyone. In fact, the highest VDSL2 profile is 17a, which is pretty amazing, particularly when we look at the reasonable price tag. In addition, it is designed with pair-bonding support which leads to improved service quality, and there won’t be any connectivity degradation. Moreover, the upstream and downstream throughput will be improved by leaps and bounds. Lastly, the modem is IPTV capable, so people using AT&T U-verse can easily use it.

Additional Features

In addition to the above-mentioned features, there are various other benefits that make this router a promising choice. For instance, there is guest networking available if you want to connect to an internet connection temporarily. In addition, guest networking allows you to connect other people to the network for a limited period of time. Another amazing feature is port forwarding which improves the internet speed while enhancing the security standards. On top of everything, it is IPv6 capable, but you have to enable it to work.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Motorola NVG599 is a promising option for people who want one router that supports wired as well as wireless internet connectivity. The only downside is that it’s not suitable for large-scale offices, but it surely suffices the internet needs of homes and smaller offices.

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