Can Vivint Work Without A WiFi connection?

can vivint work without wifi
can vivint work without wifi

Vivint presents a next-level home security system known as Vivint Smart Home for the people of America. It is a modern fancy way to keep your home safe and secure by installing the home security system for your own convenience and comfort. But your mind must be flooded with a type of different questions right now like how does the system work? Can Vivint work without Wi-Fi connection? Does it need any specific support or adjustments? Relax, we are going to clear all your doubts by answering your questions in this article so read it till the end and don’t skip any details.

Vivint Smart Home Security System

Aren’t you tired of worrying about whether your home is safe or not from the burglars? People with malicious purposes, that might be lurking in the dark,  looking for a single chance to get inside your house are the worst kind of threat.

You’re lucky that the Vivint Smart Home security system has got it all covered for you so that you can sleep peacefully at night and go to work easily in the morning, without having to worry about who might get into your house in your absence.

Can Vivint Work Without WiFi connection?

If you’ve been looking all over the internet to find details about Vivint connection, Well, look no further because we have your answers. The answer is NO. Vivint cannot work without Wi-Fi and if you’re someone who’s familiar with how security systems work, you must know that it’s a good thing that Vivint works using Wi-Fi connection. Because this is what makes it a wireless security system. Vivint Smart Home offers a pure wireless security system for your house.

Why Wireless Connection Matters?

There are several reasons why a wireless security system is much better than the wired system. We have mentioned some major reasons in this article to help you understand the importance of wireless connection.

  1. Vulnerability Of Wired Connections

Traditional wired security systems are very vulnerable as compared to Wireless Connection. It is very easy to cut through a wireless security connection. Intruders can easily push their way past your home security by cutting off the phone line. That’s why Vivint uses advances cellular technology which consists of no wires for the intruders to cut through in the first place.

  1. No Drilling For Wired Connection

A traditional wired system requires proper fixing of the wired network throughout your house and for that many unsightly holes are drilled all around the place which rather makes it an unappealing tangled mess.

But if you’re using the Vivint Smart Home wireless security system, you’d only need to drill a maximum of 2 small holes. One to feed the wires establishing a connection between the touchscreen SkyControl panel and your home’s power source. And the second one is used for installing the recessed door sensors depends if you opt for it.

  1. Easy To Pack Up The Setup

If you ever feel like shifting your house and you decide to move the setup, Vivint fully supports you in this regard. It is very easy to pack up your Vivint Security System so that you can easily take Vivint setup with you wherever you go.

In fact, Vivint has a feature to save your security settings so they can be easily wireless installed in your new home.  You just need to sign up for their 42-month agreement for monitorization.  Otherwise, you’ll be charged about $100 fee for your setup move to your new home.

  1. Tamperproof Wireless System

The wireless Vivint security system is tamperproof which means even if the panel is knocked off the wall by someone, your whole other security equipment remains intact and functions fully fine. On the other hand in case of a wired system, if the wired connection network gets damaged somehow, then the monitoring center will not be able to receive the alarm signal and you won’t be notified.


We hope you’ve understood the importance of the wireless Wi-Fi connection so by now you know can Vivint work without Wi-Fi or not. The Wireless technology has made your Vivint Smart Home much better in terms of better security and less tampering.

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