Total Wireless vs Straight Talk- Which One Is Better?

Total Wireless vs Straight Talk
Total Wireless vs Straight Talk

Total Wireless vs Straight Talk

Straight talk

Straight talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, also known as an alternative carrier which is responsible for offering prepaid wireless services. It comes under the partnership between Walmart and Tracfone.

Having a joint venture with Walmart makes it easier to act as an exclusive retailer which allows customers to purchase goods and services straight from Straight Talk. CDMA and GSM devices receive support from Straight talk.

CDMA makes use of Verizon or Sprint’s wireless networks. On the other hand, GSM makes use of AT&T and T-mobile networks. It has 25 million users and is known to be the largest no-contract cellular provider in America.

Straight talk began as a small goods and services shop in New York City in 1957. It has around 800 stores in 15 countries worldwide. Today, straight talk is offering phones, devices, service plans, mobile hotspots, and other phone payment plans.


The straight talk offers data plans ranging from $25 to $100 per month. All plans include unlimited texting and calling with different options. In 35$ per month, the straight talk offers 3GB data with unlimited text and calls.

In 45$ per month, it offers 25GB data with unlimited text and calls. In 55$ per month, it offers unlimited GBs to roll on and enjoy internet surfing freely with worrying.

Advantages of Straight Talk

Following are some of the most commonly observed advantages of Straight Talk

1. Data Plans Are Unlimited On Straight Talk

One of the biggest advantages of Straight talk is that it allows 4G unlimited data plans for texting and calling.

2. Straight Talk Is Easily Accessible On Walmart Stores

Having a partnership with Walmart makes it really easy to access and make purchases. Users don’t face difficulty in purchasing straight talk.

3. Data Transfer Is Easy On Straight Talk

If a user buys a new phone, he can quickly and easily transfer the data from one phone to another using Straight Talk. This makes it user friendly.

4. Straight Talk Can Be Compatible With Your Old Phone

There are a number of chances that a user doesn’t need to discard and old phone after buying a new one as Straight Talk can be compatible with the old phone.

5. Straight Talk Allows International Calling

Another important feature of Straight Talk is that it allows international calling and is not only restricted to national connectivity.

6. Straight Talk Offers Discount Programs

It offers reward programs and discounts on refilling which promotes brand loyalty among customers.

7. Straight Talk Is Beneficial For Mobile Data Users

It is an ideal connection for mobile data users due to unlimited data plans for texting and calls.

Disadvantages of Straight Talk

Following are some of the drawbacks of Straight Talk:

1. Slow Speed

It has slow data speed at times which is disappointing for customers. Users have often complained about slow data speed which is seen as a big drawback.

2. No International Texting

One of the disadvantages of straight talk is that it doesn’t support texting internationally.

Total Wireless

Founded in 2015, Total wireless is one of the most popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator. It uses Verizon Network and comes under the umbrella of Tracfone.  As it works under Verizon, it assures excellent coverage and is also saves costs. User plans offered by Total wireless are reasonable.

All plans are displayed on their own website as well as Walmart, Dollar General, and Target. Since Total Wireless is under TracFone and uses a network of Verizon, it results in providing good coverage and cost-saving.

Data plans and bundles

It offers plans for individuals and families. For 25$, individual users can enjoy unlimited texts and calls per month. The second plan for individuals includes 5GB data along with unlimited text and calls.

The family plan has three options where the first one consists of two lines and 15GB unlimited texting and calling for 60$. For 3 to 4 lines, 20 and 25 GB plans cost $85 and $100.

Advantages of Total Wireless

1. Reasonable Offers

Their offers and packages are economical and friendly for a user’s pocket.

2. Discounts And Rewards

5 % discount is offered on every refill.

3. No Need To Discard The Existing Phone

The users don’t need to switch their phones to new ones, they can use the existing gadget for use.

4. Coverage Is Great

This is one of the most attractive features of Total Wireless.

5. Global Calling

$10 can help in extending mobile data plans and allowing worldwide calling.

6. Hotspot Facility

It is also now available for users.

Disadvantages of Total Wireless

1. No Texting Worldwide

One big drawback of total wireless is not allowing the users to send messages abroad.

2. Data Plan Limits

They have restricted their data usage plans and offers are limited.

Straight Talk or Total Wireless?

As we look closely and compare Straight Talk to Total Wireless, we can find similarities and differences among them. One of the biggest differences is that Straight Talk offers unlimited data bundles whereas Total Wireless offers only a restricted amount of data bundles to its customers.

Straight Talk doesn’t allow family bundles but Total Wireless has introduced them to their users. Both of them allow users to transfer data easily and support internationally calling features.

Both of them have a similar layout for choosing phones from them. Both of them offer rewards to customers and believe in customer care.

Straight Talk and Total Wireless allow users to easily switch to their network with their own phones without the need of changing them.

In terms of customer service, Straight Talk is slightly better than Totally Wireless but the internet is full of bad experiences on both sides so the users are advised to beware and make choices wisely.

Both of them offer nice plans that are affordable and smart, but if a user has room to spend more than it is wiser to choose Straight Talk as it consists of unlimited data bundles for the user.

A user can always compare the two and choose what they desire.

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