Compare G703 vs G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

G703 vs G Pro Wireless
G703 vs G Pro Wireless

A gaming mouse has additional functions that are needed for computer gaming as well as high-intensity programming. It is required for the computer if tasks like these are to be performed.

High sensitivity, many other programmable buttons, and faster response time are some of the functions a gaming mouse has to offer.

These features allow the user to perform quickly and comfortably while performing several tasks, in short, it is much better than the regular mouse as it performs actions more precisely and offers better tracking.

Gaming mouses such as G703 and G Pro Wireless are decent for gaming but the rivalry is G703 vs G Pro Wireless? Which one is better? Some of us wonder what does not the regular mouse has that these gaming mouses have to offer.

First, we should know what a gaming mouse has that makes it expensive. Some of the things that you should consider while looking for a gaming mouse is:

  • DPI: The DPI, an abbreviation of “Dots per Inch” is related to the sensitivity of the mouse. Low DPI and High DPI are required for normal working and faster movement respectively. A gaming mouse provides this luxury with the click of a button, you can switch the DPI in seconds if you use the buttons present on the mouse.
  • Using the programmable buttons on the gaming mouse lets you access functions and actions quickly.
  • The acceleration focuses on how fast the gaming mouse can move, also measured in G forces.
  • A wired or wireless gaming mouse is the option for the gamer to go for, whatever is easier to use according to the gamer’s needs.
  • The response time of the gaming mouse is very important to be checked, the polling rate is measured in Hz and a good gaming mouse has the response time ranging from 500Hz to 1000Hz.
  • Laser sensors, which help in faster movement and connectivity.
  • A gaming mouse is made adjustable by using small weights with it.
  • Comfort and design are crucial for a gamer because the gamer has to keep a grip at all times. If the design is flawed, it is not a good one.

G703 Vs G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse


The G703 provides great comfort and ease to all gamers who use it. It includes the latest and all advanced improvements that every gamer needs. It also supports the ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED wireless technology.

For seamless continuous charging, it also works with the POWERPLAY wireless charging system. It has a 1-ms report rate and delivers the best in ultimate high-performance gaming.

The responsiveness of this device is amazing. The DPI is decent and it provides smooth and exceptional accuracy and performance, even better with the surface tuning turned on.

POWERPLAY always keeps it charged and you may never have to wait and charge it again as it is the only system that provides these features. Rubber grips on the side provide added control.

In a light weighted body, it brings together durability and comfort. Metal springs are used in the mechanical button that helps the buttons provide the tension needed. It provides exceptional response and consistency.

It also includes removable weight and six programmable buttons. The box contains a charging cable, the gaming mouse, 10-gram weight, user manual, and the LIGHTSPEED USB receiver.

It is an inexpensive choice for professional gamers around the world. However, is it better than the G Pro Wireless mouse? The answer for this G703 Vs G Pro Wireless rivalry is still among many gamers who look for gaming mouses these days.

G Pro Wireless

The G Pro Wireless is more of a favorite for gamers because of improved battery life and better grip because of the size. It has one of the most accurate gaming sensors, invented by a well-known company HERO 16K.

It also consumes less power and greater battery life and that is what pros need. Professional gamers do not prefer the cord on the mouse as it produces friction and distraction.

The G Pro Wireless is fast and cordless. The weight of this mouse is considered as a feather to most e-sports gamers because of how light it is. In addition, it can last an entire tournament with a single charge, and most gamers are a fan of this device.

It also has removable buttons on both sides and the gamer can decide how many buttons he/she wants, one button, four buttons, or no buttons at all.

The mechanical button system provides the same feeling and tension as the G703 and the gamer feels the consistency and tight feel on every click. The sleek design and useful software makes it one of the best in the line of gaming mouses.

With zero delays and no issues at all with the interference, this beautiful gaming mouse uses the new G-Hub software.

Moreover, the software used by the company is straightforward, locally organized, and easy to comprehend so that anyone can use it with ease.

The scroll wheel is considered one of the most essential parts of a gaming mouse and the G Pro Wireless has a scroll wheel that is very easy to click.

The sensor and wireless tech used definitely make it a champion for many gamers that love having a good grip on a mouse for hours. The only thing is that it is a bit expensive than the G703 but as we all know, good things come at a price.

The box contains the usual user manual, charging cable, USB receiver, button covers and the side buttons, the extension adapter, and the G Pro Wireless mouse.

Which Is Better?

According to professional gamers, the weight, battery life, and the grip are the things that are very important and crucial for the long hours’ usage.

Based on many recommendations and reviews about the G703 Vs G Pro Wireless rivalry, it is safe to say that both of them are winners in their own ways.

Even though most professional gamers prefer the G703 because of POWERPLAY but the G Pro Wireless mouse has a separate fan base.

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