How to Update Roaming With Straight Talk

straight talk update roaming
straight talk update roaming

Proper communication channels have become a necessity. On the other hand, the traveling trends have increased, but still, people always need proper signal strength. In this quest, choosing the right network provider becomes crucial. So, you chose Straight Talk, but now you need to travel across borders. That’s when people think about roaming.

Straight Talk happens to be one of the most used network services out there, and they have surely thought about the roaming. However, people tend to receive lousy signals, but mostly, it’s because of wrong APN settings. Such issues have tarnished their reputation and are now considered a weak network. To be honest, the packages and bundles are amazing.

Update Straight Talk Roaming

The prime reason for the issue is weak signal coverage in some areas. Well, it is pretty evident that weak signals can ruin the entire foreign trip because signals are weaker during roaming. So, in this article, we are sharing information on how you can update roaming with Straight Talk. Let’s have a talk, shall we?

Update The APN Settings

APN is proof of your individuality for the network provider. In addition, it helps network providers see the plan you are subscribed to, along with the network strength, i.e., 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. In the same vein, the settings (APN) need to be optimized according to roaming. In this case, you need to look upon the official Straight Talk website and enter the correct APN settings.

Update The PRL

PRL is defined as the database for the CDMA network. This database tends to update the phone signals. These PRLs are provided and maintained by the network carriers. The prime function is to connect the users with network towers of a specific carrier (Straight Talk in your case).

The PRL offers information regarding SP IDs and radio-bands. As for someone who is traveling abroad and needs a roaming service, you need to search the lists and connect the device accordingly. This is because if the PRL is not updated, the connection will be jeopardized, and roaming will not be suitable enough. In the following section, we have added information about how you can update different Straight Talk phones, such as;

  • You need to dial *22891 which will automatically update the PRL if you are Verizon phone user
  • In case of any other phone, just reboot the device and PRL will be updated automatically

By the end, it is advised to take out the SIM card from the phone after switching it off. Also, switch on the phone without the SIM, and you will see that reboot has updated the PRL. In addition, you will see a considerable change in signal strength if the PRL is updated.

In addition, the Straight Talk roaming depends on the SIM card that is currently is usage. Even more, there are chances that you will have access to native towers of AT&T and Verizon only. So, it is better to check the coverage maps before making internet roaming plans.

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