T-Mobile Can’t Make Calls: 6 Ways To Fix

t mobile cant make calls
t mobile can’t make calls

T-Mobile network is undoubtedly one of the strongest ones out there in most of the countries across the world. They are especially doing a phenomenal job with the right coverage all over the Northern American region including the US and Canada. So, you can expect that you will be able to access the network no matter where you go. It lives up to your expectations as well and provides strong coverage in urban, suburban, rural, and some of the remotest areas for those who like to live an adventurous life. However, like every other system, they have flaws as well.

And even if there are not any flaws from their end. A system is never safe from any errors and there are far too many things involved that are out of our hands at times and we are unable to do anything about them. So, if you are unable to make calls over the T-Mobile network for some reason, you need to rule out the possibilities and troubleshoot it on your own as the first resort to have this fixed. This can be a network issue, or might not be, and here is how you can have this fixed.

T-Mobile Can’t Make Calls

1) Toggle the Airplane Mode

The Airplane mode that you have on your devices allows you to turn off all the communications including the SIM network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth on your device without having to switch off your phone. The network might be having some sort of error that can cause you to have the problem and you will not be able to make calls on the T-Mobile network.  So, the first thing that you need to try is retriggering a communication alert on the network and that might be able to solve the issue for you.

What you need to do is turn on the airplane mode for a few seconds. This interval should be long enough for the mobile to close the communication from its end. Anything from 5-10 seconds would do the trick for you. Afterward, turn off the airplane mode again and that will make your phone search for the network again. This should do the trick for you and you will be able to get the network again.

2) Restart the Phone

If the toggling has not worked for you and you are still unable to make the calls on your T-Mobile network, it is time for you to take one more step and try something that would work in most cases. What you will need to do here is restart your phone properly as the error can not be with the network only but your phone as well.

So, turn off your phone completely and repeat the drill that requires you to keep the phone off for a few seconds. Afterward, you just need to turn on the phone again and try making the call. This would work most of the time for you and you will not have to face issues with the call making on your T-Mobile Network again.

3) Reset Settings

Another thing that has the chance of being messed up is that you might have manually changed the settings or any applications that you might have installed recently and required access to your network settings can be the culprit here. A slight difference of a dot in your network settings will cause you to have problems over the network and you will not be able to make calls. So, check on all the applications that you have recently installed and their permissions as well. If you find any application that requires network settings access, you will need to uninstall that application from your phone.

After you have uninstalled the application, you will need to reset the network settings to default. Be mindful to check the box that says automatic network selection as well and that is going to solve all the problems for you for good. This is something worth a try and you can have a better experience as you will be able to make calls most likely after trying these simple yet effective troubleshooting tricks.

4) Update firmware

You need to understand if you are unable to make it work and you have come this far, there might be some issues that are extensive and simple troubleshooting is not effective for them. One such issue is the outdated firmware that you might be running on your phone. The reason for this is pretty simple as the firmware controls basic hardware that is involved with the network connectivity, making calls, signal reception, and stuff like that.

So, if you have a pending firmware update, make sure that you are updating it ASAP and you have the automatic updates enabled on your device and that is going to fix this issue for you for good. You will not have to face any sorts of issues afterward and you will be able to place calls without any problems.

5) Check Subscription

You also need to check on your subscription as you might have a plan that allows a limited number of calls and it might be over, or there can be some other issues that will cause T-Mobile to suspend your connection or stuff like that. It would be better if you contact T-Mobile or access your account on the web portal to make sure that everything is fine and you are allowed by T-Mobile to access the network and place calls on it.

6) Change your location

Another thing that is pretty simple and basic is that you might be in the wrong location where T-Mobile signals are unreachable and you will need to have this fixed. This should not be difficult and you can try getting out in the open, or accessing some location with elevation so that you can get better connectivity with the nearest tower. This will solve the problem for you most of the time and you will be able to make calls again on the network without having to face any sorts of problems.

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