What Is PagePlus Hotspot? (Explained)

pageplus hotspot
pageplus hotspot

We have seen a massive outburst in the release of MVNOs across the US. As the demand for cellular communication is increasing each day, there are more and more MVNOs being launched. MVNOs don’t generally own or operate any cellular towers. Instead, they rent towers from other carriers to provide services to their own consumers. This allows them to share the capacity of a cellular tower, and at the same time, it presents consumers to have a better opportunity as they can have affordable services that they need.

PagePlus is one such MVNO that is getting extremely popular in the US. It is one of the most affordable budget carriers out there with plenty of features that you are going to love. One of their cool features is their unlimited data option. You get a truly unlimited deal with their monthly package so upon subscribing to the monthly deal for a minimal price, you are going to get unlimited calls, texts, and 4G LTE data.

PagePlus Hotspot

If you are aware of Verizon services, you must know that hotspot and tethering options are blocked on Verizon and you cannot access those settings if you have bought a smartphone from Verizon. PagePlus being an MVNO uses Verizon towers and their signals are originally generated by Verizon. Hence, you might be able to use a PagePlus sim used in Verizon mobile phone but will not be able to access hotspot on such phones.

On the other hand, if you have a phone that is not purchased by Verizon and is unlocked, you will be able to use a hotspot on that phone most of the time. This would be a perfect option for you if you are not requiring any extensive usage and can do with a bit of light hotspot usage on your phone.

Verizon Hotspots

Since PagePlus doesn’t restrict using their data for a hotspot, many people keep the subscription as their portable daily internet runner. There are some cool hotspots being offered by Verizon that are portable and are recharged. These Verizon hotspots are fully compatible with your PagePlus sim card and can work optimally with the connection.

So, if you are looking to have a better hotspot at a cheaper price, you just need to have a PagePlus subscription and insert the sim in any Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot. These hotspots can provide some truly fast internet speeds over the 4G LTE network and would be the right choice for you. Some cool perks you get on this are:


Unlimited plans on 4G LTE are not easy to get and may cost you a bit more. This is the perfect chance for you to have an affordable solution that would be with you all day long without having any internet issues.


If you are among those people who are out of their homes and office for the most part of their day, this service is going to help you tons as you can recharge the portable hotspot and have access to the internet wherever you go.

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