Spectrum TV App Not Working On Samsung TV: 4 Fixes

Spectrum TV App Not Working On Samsung TV
Spectrum TV App Not Working On Samsung TV

The Spectrum TV app is actually one of the best cable TV apps available out there. By using the Spectrum TV app, you are able to access all the cool on-demand video content. You will have access to more than 200 channels, Primetime on demand, and by downloading the app you are able to watch on more than one device. 

Spectrum TV live streams from all your favorite TV channels, and so much. The app is supported across a wide selection of devices including Android, Apple, Samsung, Kindle ROKU TV, and much more.  You will be able to enjoy watching your favourite shows on any one of the devices you have at home. 

Samsung smart TVs run off the Android operating system which supports the Spectrum TV all. This means that you should have no trouble running the app and enjoying your favorite shows. 

That being said; sometimes there are one or two small technical issues that may cause some viewing problems. We have compiled a list of the most common problems that you may have, and the trouble shooting tips to solve them.

Before you have a look at our trouble shooting tips, there is one thing that you may need to make sure of before you uninstall and reinstall, or update the application. The Spectrum TV application is affordable, sometimes during the hustle and bustle of daily life, we forget to make certain payments. 

Make sure that the payment that is due to Spectrum TV is paid. If you have made the required payment, and your application is still not working correctly, follow the steps below. Our helpful tips are going to have your Samsung TV and Spectrum streaming working together perfectly again.

Spectrum TV App Not Working On Samsung TV

1) Try out the alternate app store

Try out the alternate app store

If you have any problems downloading the Spectrum TV app on to your device; Samsung devices have you covered. The best thing about having a Samsung Device is that you get to enjoy two app stores. 

You can either use the Samsung Store to download the applications that you might want; or if you cannot find what you are looking for, there is the Google Play store option. Both have a whopping number of apps for you. Either one of these will have the Spectrum TV app available.

If you have downloaded the application from one store; such as the Samsung Store or the Google Play Store, but it is not working properly. You can try downloading and installing the application from the other store. Any bugs that may have been on the one app store will certainly not be on the other. 

One of the downloads will definitely work on your device. Make sure to delete the previous application download so they do not overlap each other. You do not need two of the applications on your device, and the one that you are not using will just be taking up unnecessary space.

2) Update your application version

Update your application version

Often when developers find room or improvement in an application they will created an updated version. If your application stops working it is possible that there is a new version available; the version you are running on your Samsung TV or other device may be outdated. This is one of the easiest problems to fix.. 

You need to go access the application to update it. Go to the settings menu, go to the apps tab. You will find a button to update the application. Once the application has been updated most likely any problems that you have had will be solved. You will be back to enjoying your favourite shows just like before.

3) Re-log the application

When you have updated your Spectrum TV app on your Samsung TV you will need to log into the application again. To re-log into the application you will need to either delete the application data from the settings menu of your television. You will find the application data under the “Apps” tab.  

Alternatively you will need to logout the application manually. If you prefer, you can log into your Spectrum account on a web browser, such as your PC or your phone. 

Your account will have a list of devices that are registered; you can remove the Samsung TV. Before you update the application make sure that you have your credentials memorised or written them down.

Once you have disconnected your Samsung television you will need to add it back on. Go back to the Spectrum account, using a device with a web browser. You would need to have our credentials for your Spectrum account to login. 

Once you logged in you can add the Samsung television back onto your account. Once you have done this you should have no problem connecting again and watching your favourite shows.

4) Support


On the off chance that our above trouble shooting trips do not work you will need to contact the support center. Spectrum has a very comprehensive technical support department that can assist you. 

Before you pick up the phone to them it may be easier to have a look at their own trouble shooting tips. If none of these tips work, their technical support agents will be more than happy to guide you through any other problems you may have.

When it comes to any problems with the Spectrum TV App and connectivity the Spectrum support team are your best friend. If you mention the measures you have already taken to save their time as well as yours. 

It will help the agent get you back to watching your favorite shows in no time at all. The customer service provided by Spectrum TV is one f the reasons that they are one of the best streaming apps available today.

The support team may suggest that you uninstall the Spectrum TV app from your Samsung television, and reinstall it. In the event that you would need to do this, make sure you have your correct username and password.

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  1. Over the last few days we spent over 3 hours on the phone with spectrum! We had done everything recommended and still getting the message saying they are checking subscription. Will not load on our phones either!

  2. Same problem. Spectrum App will not load on two of our three Samsung tv’s. We are getting a message saying we have to upgrade to that service for a fee.

  3. Same problem…. Sad …. We getting a message saying Getting program data… I just want to see how much longer it will be for get back to normal tv program. It’s been 3 weeks since I Icouldn’t watch my TV programs and on my TV.

  4. Purchased a 2021 Samsung Neo QLED TV. installed the spectrum tv app. Every 40 seconds it stops and buffers for 10 seconds. Had spectrum internet technician verify it was not the internet after updating the modem and replacing all connections in the house. Running 400mbs internet speed, so thats not the issue. He told me to contact the Spectrum App department. Hopefully the problem is resolve tomorrow with a phone call.

  5. I can’t get Spectrum internet to work on Samsung TV. One agent says it is a software problem they are working on it while another agent say it is a tv problem. Problem began after getting a new modem. Very frustrating

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