5 Ways to Solve Spectrum Streaming Buffer

spectrum streaming buffer
spectrum streaming buffer

Can you imagine the struggle of a student who’s already treading on thin ice with submitting his work assignment right before the deadline and his internet goes out making it impossible for him to submit the file? Or think about a movie that you were dying to watch and when you finally be able to get your hands on it, Spectrum streaming buffer makes it even harder to watch and you end up not wanting to watch the movie for good.

Nothing compares to that annoying feeling of irritation when the video you’re watching or the movie that you’re streaming starts buffering. This is usually caused when your internet is disconnected or it is experiencing very slow speeds. So, how exactly can you stop this from happening? Well, the solution is simple and easy. Just give this small article a read to know about ways you can stop your Spectrum streaming buffer from ruining your streaming experience.

Troubleshooting Spectrum Streaming Buffer

We have prepared a list of ways in which you can fix your Spectrum streaming buffer problems simply by following the given set of instructions.

  1. Close Background Apps

If you want to avoid all the Spectrum streaming buffer situations, first thing you should do is close all the background apps. All such applications and other software that runs in the background usually consume your internet data continuously. This causes your buffering issues because your streaming app loses the required amount of Internet speeds needed to run the movie smoothly.

  1. Restart Spectrum Modem

You can try restarting your Spectrum modem by following these easy steps to quickly get your streaming issues fixed at your home.

Step 1: Switch off your Spectrum modem by holding the power button for at least 10 seconds or more.

Step 2: Now unplug it from the power source and remove its batteries as well.

Step 3: Wait for about a minute or more before replugging the device back on

Step 4: Make sure that its wired cable is tightly connected to the sockets on both terminals.

Step 5: Replug the Spectrum modem back to its power sources.

Step 6: Switch on the Spectrum modem.

Step 7: Let it start it’s set up and don’t quickly start connecting your devices.

You can also reboot your device if restarting it doesn’t solve your issues. In this case, you’ll have to reset the factory settings to default. It’s better to run a speed test or check after each step if your Spectrum streaming buffer is solving or not.

  1. Router Positioning Issues

Your Spectrum internet router should be placed at a shelf that is a bit higher off the ground. A hight of at least 3 to 5 feet above the ground is generally preferable. All the internet routers and Wi-Fi modems tend to have a better internet connection when they’re placed at some higher position. Also, your Spectrum modem should also be placed in an open area to get better internet signals. This includes the passage or lounge area or the balcony of your house.

  1. Materialistic Interferences

The concrete or Steel walls in your house and the Plaster and other plastic materials cause major materialistic interferences in signal transduction. This is because the walls contain cable wirings and plumbing materials which interrupt the internet signals when they’re being transmitted. Make sure to avoid any physical materialistic barriers of the house coming in between your signal pathway. This also includes your household stuff and other electrical appliances.

  1. Avoid Over Crowded Network

By avoiding the overcrowded network, you can boost your internet speeds and minimize the Spectrum streaming buffer problems. This can be done by avoiding the peak hours of internet usage. Try streaming your movies late at night or early in the morning as these are the times when the network is less crowded. You can also download the movies or videos that you want to stream and later watch them whenever you like.


We hope that by using these simple methods, you’ll be able to get rid of Spectrum streaming buffer issues of your internet. If nothing goes right, you can always call the respective person to get help regarding your streaming issues.

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