3 Ways To Fix Roku Purple Screen

roku purple screen
roku purple screen

Do you love to wear purple? Indeed, most of the people love the purple color. But, would you like to see a purple screen on your Roku device? The answer would undoubtedly be no. But, it is one of those things that you are going to face at least once in your life.

This issue can frustrate you like the purple screen on your Roku device will not let you watch your favorite shows. This problem is required to be resolved as soon as possible. So, we have brought some of the best solutions to resolve the issue related to your purple Roku screen for the ease of our readers.

Ways of Getting Rid of Roku Purple Screen

Various things can be why your TV shows a purple screen whenever you try to watch Roku video content. Most people consider that the Roku device has some issues, which is the purple screen. But, what the actual cause is with the connection of your Roku device.

The most common reason for the Roku Purple screen is the wrong or loose HDMI connection. When your HDMI cable is loosely connected to the Roku device and TV, the TV will display a slightly pink or purple screen. Below we have some of the best reasons to resolve this issue.

1. Switch the Ends of HDMI

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is switching the end of your HDMI cable. The possible reason for this is that the HDMI cable has a loose lot, and switching the sockets may resolve this issue. So, put both ends of your HDMI cable in different ports, and you are free to enjoy a correctly running TV connection.

2. Plugging the HDMI Cable Firmly

If the purple screen issue, then all of your solutions lie in the HDMI cable. To resolve this issue, first of all, check the connection of your HDMI cable. If it is loose, then unplug it from both ends and plug it into the port with a firm hand. Doing so will resolve the Roku Purple Screen Issue with no efforts placed.

3. Changing HDMI Cable

Once you have adjusted your HDMI cable ports from both sides and put it into the port firmly, the screen must return to normal. But, if there’s no change in the screen, then your HDMI cable is of no use anymore.

If you want your Roku screen to return to normal, try changing your HDMI cable. It is the final solution and will eventually solve the Roku purple screen problem. Try this method at the very end because if the issue is of loose connection and you will replace the HDMI cable, it will cost your pocket for no reason.


In the draft, we have mentioned some possible solutions for resolving the Roku purple screen issues. If you were facing the same problems, try the above-given solutions, and you will resolve the problems. Let us know if you have any queries related to the article.

1 thought on “3 Ways To Fix Roku Purple Screen”

  1. We have two Roku units, two different model numbers on two different TVs. One worked (upstairs unit) during the afternoon. This evening we turned that one on and got the purple screen. I unplugged it for a couple of minutes, plugged it back in; we get the dancing logo like we do after an update.
    Then we get the apps on the home screen like we should. I select an app, then immediately get the dancing logo, followed by the purple screen. Nothing else.
    Change out the HDMI cable, same thing. Changing the input to different HDMI, same thing.
    Brought the downstairs Roku unit upstairs, same thing. Tried the upstairs Roku on the downstairs TV, same thing.
    I’m thinking there was a bad update, or someone has hacked into our Rokus or all Rokus. Any thoughts? This is not good.

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