4 Ways To Fix Orbi Purple Light

orbi purple light
orbi purple light

NetGear has their hands in certain great devices and fields and Orbi is one such product that is being offered by them to get everyone’s hands at a better Wi-Fi experience. Orbi is basically the name for a flagship series of Wi-Fi routers comprising of mesh Wi-Fi technology.

These Orbi routers are the perfect choice for you to have if you are looking for something beyond ordinary and you want to ensure the most stable and faster Wi-Fi connection for your home, office, or any other place. The mesh Wi-Fi technology has certain great benefits linked to it, but that is the talk for some other day.

Orbi Purple Light: What Does it Mean?

The Orbi devices are not only greatly built but they also have the right aesthetics on the device. There is a singular LED that rounds across the body of Orbi devices. This LED has multiple colors on it and each color signifies the status of your Orbi Devices. If the light is purple, that would mean that your router was disconnected. The purple ring can be solid, or it can flash for a second or two, but it definitely means that either there is no connection, or is disconnected for a minute or two. Whatever the case might be, you need to get it fixed, and here is how you can do it.

1) Check your connection

The first thing that you will need in such cases is to check your connection. Since purple light indicates disconnection between the ISP and your router, you should unplug the cable and try plugging it in some other device that supports the connection. A laptop or PC will come in handy for such cases and that will make you understand it better. If you feel like there is a problem with your connection and it is not working on the PC as well, then you need to get this fixed first.

2) Check with your ISP

The first thing that you should do if you notice that your internet connection is not working fine is to give your ISP a call and ask them if there is any sort of outage at their end. This will help you get a better idea of the problem at hand and you will be able to make a way out of it. If there is some outage, they will be able to confirm it for you and also provide you with an ETA on the resolution. If everything is working fine at their end. Then, they will send out a guy to your place to figure out the problem and have it fixed for you.

3) Check Cables and connectors

Meanwhile, another thing that you can do to possibly fix this issue somehow is to check your cables and connectors carefully. Your connector can not be attached to the Orbi perfectly at times and it might be hanging loose that can cause you to have this issue. So, plug it out once and then plug it back again to make sure that it is connected properly. If you feel like the connector is damaged, you will have to replace that.

Also, you will need to inspect the cable for any sorts of sharp bends or wear and tear on the cable. These bends can hinder the connectivity at times and your Orbi can be disconnected from the internet for a moment or sometimes longer. So, you need to clear out those bends, and if there are any damages, you will have to replace the cable to ensure optimal stability for the network at all times.

4) Restart/Reset the Orbi device

If you are unable to find any apparent reason for the issue and you are in a fix, then you definitely need to try this out. Sometimes the problem can be caused due to a bug or error on your Orbi, or there might be some settings that can be resetting the network every once in a while. So, make sure that you restart your device once and if that doesn’t work, a simple factory reset will be enough to do the trick. You might have to setup the Orbi again, but it will definitely be worth your while.

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