6 Ways To Fix Slow Steam Download On Fast Internet

steam slow download fast internet
steam slow download fast internet

Slow internet is another matter but slow download speed is much more frustrating. Especially when it comes to updating a game or downloading one, slow downloading speed can be a struggle. Steam is a platform, which has more than two thousand titles available for gamers to download. With more than forty (40) million users worldwide, it is one famous gaming service among the users. Gamers notice a lot and they have noticed that even if the internet browsing is smooth, their download speed is not. “How to solve slow download speed on fast Steam internet?” is the questions that pop up on their mind.

Troubleshoot & How To Fix Slow Steam Download On Fast Internet

First, you need to find out the real problem. It can be because of the download server that your download speed is not up to mark. Maybe the network driver in your PC is outdated or maybe the network connection status is not stable at all etc.

Some of the most basic and simple solutions to test your downloading speed via Steam and make them faster are as follows:

1. Change the Internet Options

The Steam store is a built-in browser with which Steam processes. The browser is used to search and browse for available games and updates. Normally, the expected speed is quite low when using certain browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, etc. If you disable the “Automatically Detect Settings” option, the delay you face will disappear and the web browser will provide a faster response.

2. Change the Download Settings

Steam automatically downloads the server, which is the nearest one to your current location. The nearest server might not be the fastest one and may affect your downloading speed, and will result in a slow internet connection in terms of downloads. You can disable the automatic search and choose a server of your own, but selecting a less-congested server is always the best option.

3. Use an SSD

Using SSD is an effective way to increase the download speed on Steam. A gamer knows the importance of SSD as using an SSD gives better performance. Upgrade your hard drive to SSD or transfer the Steam folder to the new SSD and see the results.

4. Use Ethernet Cable

Even if the Wi-Fi connection is decent and the browsing is smooth. The download speed may be slow, switching to a physical connection via an Ethernet cable is the best choice. The packet loss rate is less and the connection is dependable as well as fast. Gamers prefer to download and game using a wired connection rather than using Wi-Fi or a hotspot.

5. Prioritize Downloads

Prioritizing the Steam app does affect the downloading speed. You can do this by using the Task Manager. Setting the priority to ‘High’ will definitely ensure a strong connection between the servers and the applications and the downloading speed will eventually get better. If you are one of the people who think “how to solve slow download speed on fast steam internet?”, this solution is effective as well as efficient.

6. Kill off any Rival Applications

If you are running many applications and processes in the background, the bandwidth is definitely effective. The bandwidth will get limited and will not be able to provide a good download rate while downloading a game via Steam.

Before starting a download or if you are facing a slow download connection, close all applications that that much of the bandwidth and processor. The Task Manager usually shows all the processes that are taking much of the processor and the bandwidth.  This is a very common steam slow download fast internet fix.


Gamers who are true to the games and dedicated usually have a very expensive and strong internet connection. Even after trying all these tricks, you do not get the desired downloading speed. The best way is to get an upgrade. Upgrading your internet service plan will definitely affect the browsing as well as downloading speed of your connection. This can resolve the slow download on fast steam internet

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