Insignia TV Won’t Stay On: 3 Ways To Fix

insignia tv wont stay on
insignia tv wont stay on

Insignia TV is a famous company that is known for manufacturing televisions for their users. They have a huge lineup that you can select from and the features that you get depend on them. Some models have resolutions that go up to even 8K, on the other hand, some have better features but their resolution is lower.

You can easily choose between these depending on how you want to use your television. While the TVs made by Insignia are great. There are still some problems that you can get on them. One of the most common ones is that Insignia TV won’t stay on. We will be using this article to provide you with some steps that you can follow to fix this.

Insignia TV Won’t Stay On

  1. Check Power

The first thing that you should check is the power on your device. The current coming from the outlet might be fluctuating. Alternatively, the connection might be too loose. There are two ways that you can check this. Firstly, you can plug up a voltmeter in the outlet and take a reading of the current. This will show you how much current it is giving off and you can compare it to the usual results.

This can be a little dangerous for people who are inexperienced so a better alternative is to plug your device in another outlet if the television works fine then your old outlet has most likely become damaged. The only way to fix this problem is by having it replaced with a new one. You should contact a professional for this to avoid any accidents. You can use your current outlet in the meanwhile. If you are having problems with the wire being too short then you can use an extension on it.

  1. Loose Connection

If your outlet is working fine and there are no fluctuations in the current value then your connection might be too loose. Most outlets have small springs in them which can lose their elasticity over time if you use them too much. This might be why your connection has become loose as well. There are mainly two methods that should help you with this. You can either use an adapter to plug your wire in the connection or get a replacement instead.

  1. Reset TV

If your connections are fine but your television still keeps rebooting. Then there might be a problem with the device. Usually, Insignia TVs can run into similar problems if there are any errors on their configuration files. Most of these can be fixed by simply giving the device a reset. The procedure is quite simple so it should take you a few minutes.

Switch off your television and hold down the power button. Wait for some time and switch on the device. Although make sure that the button is held throughout the process. You will now notice that the device has started to reboot its configuration. This will take some time but your TV should return to its factory default settings afterward.

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