How To Setup DLNA On Vizio Smart TV? Explained

how to setup dlna on vizio smart tv
how to setup dlna on vizio smart tv

Smart TVs are the new appliances that everyone wants in their home and it’s for good reasons. For instance, these TVs can be connected to the internet and users can stream anything they want from their tablet or smartphone without extra cables.

It does all this by using the DLNA technology, known as the digital living network alliance that all the Smart TVs have. That being said, the users can connect the network-attached storage to the router and use it for streaming content on the TV screens.

However, if the Smart TV has DLNA but you haven’t set it up, we are sharing instructions on how to set up DLNA on Vizio Smart TV!

How To Setup DLNA On Vizio Smart TV

There are different steps involved if you want to set up DLNA on the Vizio Smart TV. To help you out, we are sharing all the instructions and we suggest that you follow them accurately to eliminate the chances of errors. So, have a look at the instructions;

Connecting The Devices To Internet Connection

When you want to use DLNA on the Vizio Smart TV, you must connect the smartphone as well as a TV with an internet connection. Also, make sure that both these devices are connected to the same internet network.

For this purpose, you have to open the network settings on the device and search for the available wireless connection. You can choose the same Wi-Fi connection that’s available on the list and enter the password. Moreover, you have the option to use the LAN cable for connecting the TV with the Wi-Fi router.

Loading The DLNA App

The second step is loading the DLNA app on the smartphone because it’s important for streaming content from the smartphone. You can download any DLNA app from the Google Play Store and they are available for free. Not to forget, some smartphones also have pre-installed and pre-loaded DLNA apps available.

Choose The Device

When you have loaded the DLNA app on the smartphone, you will have the screen with four available menus, such as devices, library, now playing, and playlist. So, before you go on to select the file, you must choose the device where you want to stream the content to. For accessing the device, tap on the devices option and choose TV from the list.

In case you are streaming content from a smartphone, you can also choose that device. Moreover, if you have a separate network storage drive, choose that.

Streaming Media Content On Your Vizio Smart TV

When you have chosen the device, you must select the content that you plan on playing. The users can access all the media by choosing the source. The DLNA apps can separate the images, songs, and videos into different folders.

That being said, you can choose the file that you need to stream. Once the file is selected, the streaming will start on the TV. Also, when the instructions are followed properly, you can skip the content, change the volume, and stream photos.

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  1. What is the bandwidth cost to streaming this way? If I have a 1GB file, does it cost 1GB to upload it to a remote server then 1GB to send back to my Smart TV?

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