How to Put Micro Sim In Normal Sim Slot Without Adapter

how to put micro sim in normal sim slot without adapter
how to put micro sim in normal sim slot without adapter

You might be a person who finds joy in small things of life, but it is terminated with small SIM cards. In the recent past, smartphone technology has evolved significantly, leading to changes in SIM slot sizes as well. In the same vein, it is pretty evident that the SIM card of your current smartphone will not fit the next one. However, people have been trying to improvise.

That’s to say because they try to put the micro SIM card in the normal slot without using an adapter. Well, you can try, but it is not going to work properly. It is advised to use the right side of the SIM card, or else, opt for a SIM swap. For better insights, we have outlined how you put the micro SIM card in the normal slot after checking insights about different SIM card sizes.

How to Put Micro Sim In Normal Sim Slot Without Adapter?

Standard SIM Card & Micro SIM Card

This is the standard size and was launched with a big size. The standard SIM cards are used in the older phone models, such as Samsung Galaxy S2. Moving on to the micro-SIM cards, these were basically designed to ensure a sleek and slim outlook of the smartphone. This is because smartphones need multiple technologies integrated inside, and even the smallest space counts. The micro-SIM cards are usually used in HTC One X, along with Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.


The SIM adapters are usually used to insert a small SIM card in a bigger slot. There are different types of adapters out there, but the downsides of using adapters remain the same. So, the following are some downsides to using the adapters. First of all, the loose SIM can get stuck in the phone, and if you aren’t intricate enough, you may damage the parts while trying to take the SIM card out.

While choosing the SIM adapter, make sure there is no sticky plastic tape needed to ensure the SIM card stays in place. This is because fit won’t be effective, and you will need to fiddle (to take it out!). This clearly means that using the cheap adapter will do more damage than good. In this case, it is advised to use the SIM swaps.

The Solution

The bottom line is that you must never play with smartphones. This is because your tries of taking out the loose SIM card may damage the wiring or ICs. So, the costs will increase (as compared to getting a swap). Even more, if you aren’t experienced enough, taking your issue to a technical mobile repairing shop is always a good option.

Last but not least, normal SIM slots are big to hold the micro-SIM cards. In this case, you can also opt for a SIM card jacket. The SIM jacket should be of standard SIM card size, so you can the middle part according to micro SIM measurements and enjoy your network signals!

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