5 Ways To Troubleshoot And Fix Slow Internet On New Computer

new computer slow internet
new computer slow internet

You have been avoiding your favorite restaurants, not buying certain things, saving all the money just so you can buy that one gadget, the latest and voguish computer just to know that internet connection is brutally slow. Oh, the irony. It is very annoying as the internet plays a vital role in our lives and a computer without the internet is merely dysfunctional.

The Internet’s speed is extremely important for us. Online classes, online gaming, watching a movie, or be it anything, even this article needs the internet to reach out to people all over the world. A new computer and slow internet is not a good combination and there must be a legitimate explanation, which we will find out, later here.


To get rid of the problems, you need to troubleshoot and get to the core of the problem as what is the source of it. For this, the following are the ways:

1. Check The Wireless Settings

When you connect wirelessly, you will surely see a number of Wi-Fi networks available. With that, you will see the network you are connected with (if any). Most of the networks are secured with passwords; make sure you know the correct password.

2-. Check The Ethernet Cables:

Ethernet cable is a common type of network cable used with wired networks. Ethernet cables connect devices such as PCs, routers, and switches within a local area network. Checking of these cables is important because they can lead to an internet connection problem.

3. Restart, Reset And Change The Location Of The Router:

Routers are usually the source of connectivity issues as they get worked up due to continuous usage. By restarting the router, we can conclude if the problem lies there or not. After restarting, resetting the router can be another option. Resetting will change the factory setting and will also, enable us to set a new password. Now, the location of the router matters, if we have placed the router at a dead zone, we will definitely face a slow internet problem. Measures are to be taken accordingly to find out the reason behind the slow internet.

4. Firewalls Should Be Thoroughly Checked:

Firewalls protect the computers from unauthorized access so if there is any problem in the firewall setting, it will eventually cause internet issues, that is, reduced speed and at times, loss of connection.

5. Update Windows

Your computer could be new but the windows could be outdated. Updating the windows might bring out a change in the issues faced.

Ways To Solve The Problem Of Slow Internet Connection In A New Computer

1. Fix Your WiFi Signals:

Fixing your Wi-Fi signals can literally solve most of the problems. Wi-Fi signals can be fixed in numerous ways out of which basic are; set up your router at a suitable place in an open space and your computer near the router so that it can catch stronger signals. Reboot your router and your computer both. Reset your password and often try disconnecting the computer from Wi-Fi and re-entering the password. It does work (universal fix).

2. Limit Bandwidth On Your Router 

Limiting the bandwidth on your router actually increases your internet connection’s speed. As you disable the unwanted internet consumption, the devices that are prioritized by you, work better.

3. Set Your Browsing According To Your Internet Connection

Setting your browsing in accordance with your internet’s speed can make a real difference. This can be carried out in several ways, such as, blocking ads that invade your browsing every now and then, clearing cache and disabling images, etc.

4. Check Your Internet Plan And Run A Speed Test:

Checking your internet plan will tell you about the speed you are paying for and by running a speed test, you will know the authenticity of the plan. You can compare both and decide if it is worth it or it is a fraud.

5. Report Your Problem:

Call your internet provider and inform him of all the issues you are facing and if you get no positive response, change your internet connection. Go for an updated and better connection that is suitable for your new computer.


In this article, we have summarized the troubleshooting of slow internet connection and listed out ways to solve the problems highlighted and even speed up our internet connection or just live up to it, accordingly.

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