Xfinity RNG150N Data Light Flashing: 3 Ways To Fix

xfinity rng150n data light flashing
xfinity rng150n data light flashing

Xfinity rng150n is the High Definition cable box that is widely used by Xfinity users to enjoy Xfinity service. While most of the users have had a reliable experience with the box, some users have reported experiencing various connectivity issues. One of the issues that have been reported by a few users is seeing a continually flashing yellow data light.

The users also see an error message displayed on their TV screen that reads something like, “Reference Code SOaOO”. If you are facing this issue on your Xfinity rng150n box, here are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

Xfinity RNG150N Data Light Flashing

1) Reset The Box

The first thing that you will need to try is to reset the box. Sometimes, simply resetting the box fixes many of the connectivity issues. So first off, unplug the box and wait for a couple of minutes. After that plug it back in, to reset the box. Wait for at least 5 minutes before you turn on the box. Now turn on the box and check if the problem is resolved. If there is still a flashing data light, then proceed with the steps mentioned below.

2) Check Connections

Another important thing that you should do is to check all the connections to and from the box. Make sure that all the connections are properly pressed into the slots and also make sure that the cables are in good condition. Make sure that there is no broken or damaged cable as it can lead to connectivity issues. Carefully check each connection for tightness and corrosion. Remember that running the cable through a defective splitter, a surge protector, or a lot of splitters can be a cause of signal problems. Also, if there is an amplifier, make sure that it is getting power.

3) Comcast store

If you have tried the steps mentioned above and you are unable to fix the issue, there is a possibility that your box may be damaged or broken from the inside. While you cannot determine it for sure yourself, you can take it to the nearest Comcast store and get it checked. The store staff will most probably let you know if there is an issue with your device. You may need to get it replaced.

If you have tried all the things mentioned above and you are unable to fix the issue, contact Xfinity customer support and let them know the issue that you are facing. They will most probably guide you as to how you can resolve the issue. Or they may send over a technician to take a look at your installation.

They will carefully check all the connections and the coax cable. The technicians will most probably fix the issue on the spot. In some cases, the issue is not with the installation and is at the service provider’s end. It may be due to regular maintenance or some other technical issue. If that is the case then customer support will let you know. In such cases, the issue is usually resolved within a few hours.

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