4 Approaches For Solving Linksys MR8300 Problems

linksys mr8300 problems
linksys mr8300 problems

Linksys MR8300 is one of the best routers out there with a set-and-forget design. It is designed to optimize the internet performance and coverage according to the internet connection. Honestly speaking, it might not be the fastest router out there but it’s a reliable way of covering the internet needs of a small home or apartment. It comes with flipper antennas and a huge rectangular screen that helps you customize the internet connection and keep an eye on the internet settings. Overall, it’s a great router but there are some Linksys MR8300 problems that you need to be aware of!

4 Common Linksys MR8300 Problems

1. Dropping Or Intermittent Wireless Connection

People like to invest in high-quality Linksys routers for consistent and reliable wireless internet connectivity, which is why a dropping wireless connection is the most frustrating issue. Various factors result in intermittent or dropping wireless internet connection, such as frequency interference, low-quality internet signals, and outdated firmware. So, to optimize the wireless connection, you can try out the following solutions;

  • First of all, you need to adjust the maximum transmission unit size to enhance the reliability of the internet connection. It is commonly known as an MTU, which shows the maximum packet size that’s transmitted over the internet network. Adjusting the MTU size is the most reliable way of optimizing the network and internet performance. You can sign in to the router’s web interface to adjust the MTU size
  • Secondly, you need to eliminate the wireless interferences from the network. For this purpose, you have to look around the internet router and clear the wireless devices, such as gaming consoles, smart TVs, and wireless speakers. If you cannot move these devices, you can relocate the wireless router away from these devices. Moreover, you can try shifting to a 5GHz internet channel
  • The third solution is to customize the router’s wireless settings to improve the internet performance. For instance, you can opt for a 5GHz internet channel rather than 2.4GHz because it has a higher speed and low traffic, promising a faster and more reliable speed
  • Last but not least, you have to check the router’s firmware and update it if an update is available. You can check for the firmware update through the web-based interface (from the advanced settings)

2. Slow Downloading

People use Wi-Fi 6 routers for improving their internet speed and achieving high-speed downloading speed. However, slow downloading is a common issue associated with Linksys MR8300 router. In the majority of cases, it is caused by the IPv4 feature on the computer, which is why we recommend that you refer to the computer OS’s technical support to disable this internet protocol on the computer.

The slow downloading speed incurs when you use IPv4 as a default network protocol. The slow data transmission is rooted in data translation into IPv6 form. However, if the download speed is still slow, we recommend that you connect the router and computer through an Ethernet cable to remove the network hindrances. In addition to this, you can upgrade the router’s firmware or reset the router to fix the configuration error.

3. Slow Uploads

The Linksys routers are popular for their high-speed uploads, so if there is a slowdown in the upload speed, you have to adjust the QoS (Quality of Service). Adjusting the QoS is all about controlling the network traffic’s priority to make sure the most prioritized data is uploaded quickly. You can set up the QoS on your router.

For this purpose, you need to access the web interface of the router, move to the apps and gaming tab, and scroll down to the QoS tab. Then, just toggle on the QoS function and reboot the system. As a result, the upload speed will improve significantly.

4. Unable To Access The Web-Based Setup Page

The web-based setup page of the Linksys router can be accessed through a computer. For this purpose, you have to enter in the internet browser’s URL bar and hit the enter button. As a result, a page will appear where you’ve to add the username and password. You can use “admin” in both these fields if you haven’t changed the details. However, if you are still unable to access the setup page, there are chances that the network is done, so call the internet service provider.

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