Eero Stuck On Registering? Try These 5 Fixes

eero stuck on registering
eero stuck on registering

Eero has become a popular choice for people who want to extend their network coverage as it’s integrated with the mesh system. However, the users need to register their websites with eero for it to work perfectly and support multiple devices on the network. On the other hand, if the eero gets stuck in registering, the device connections will be halted, and you won’t be able to use the connection. So, let’s see how you can bypass this notification.

Eero Stuck On Registering

Eero networks need the users to register their devices on the eero network for it to support the networking needs. However, when the eero gets stuck on registering, you won’t be able to connect the device to the internet. Having said that, you can follow these solutions;

1. Positioning

In the majority of cases, the eero doesn’t progress from the registering phase because there is too much distance between the eero and the other device. This is because more distance can lead to signal drop, which prevents the connectivity, hence the registering issue. That being said, you must set up your eero in the same room as the gateway device. In addition to this, make sure that there are no wireless or metal devices around the eero gateway as it creates hindrances for connectivity.

2. Wi-Fi Point

The second thing that you can try is to inculcate a Wi-Fi point into your eero network. For those who don’t know, a Wi-Fi point is defined as a device that develops a wireless local area network, which is connected to the router or switch with the help of an Ethernet cord. As a result, it will direct the wireless internet signals to the desired area, and the network registering will improve significantly.

It goes without saying that it’s an extra investment but will make the entire registering process pretty quick. In addition to the Wi-Fi point, you can also invest in the beacons as they help extend the network, resulting in more efficient registering.

3. Reset Your Beacon Extender

Another solution that you can try out is to reset the beacon extender if you have connected it to your eero network. This is because if the beacon extender stops working optimally, it will result in an improper flow of internet signals, reducing the effectiveness of registering. For this reason, identify a reset button on the extender and press it to resolve the registering issue.

4. Switch Off The Wi-Fi

On top of everything, while you are registering the device on the eero network, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi function. In case you are using Apple devices, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi feature from the settings rather than from the toolbar. Once the Wi-Fi is turned off, re-initiate the registering process.

5. Call Customer Support

The last solution is to call the eero customer support team. They can be reached via a phone number or email address. The customer support team will look into the eero and help you add more devices to the eero network, promising quicker registering.

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