How To Delete Devices From Eero In 7 Steps

how to delete devices from eero
how to delete devices from eero

When deciding which wireless equipment to choose from, Eero will definitely be a safe and solid option. Having the renowned quality of Amazon equipment, this, which was the first whole home wi-fi system, delivers signals throughout the whole area with its satellite devices.

The premise is quite simple, actually. A main router distributes the signal to the other satellites which, by their position, are then able to transmit the signal over to the devices that need an internet signal.

Such devices, which are also referred to as mesh, or multi-wi-fi systems, are extremely effective in larger areas where a wireless router is not able to reach the farther areas. As each satellite has to cover a smaller area, strategically positioning them should allow the equipment to deliver wireless signals to every corner of the building.

However, just like it happens with any other wireless router brand or model, the number of connected devices is limited. It is still virtually impossible to design a wireless signal transmitter device that is capable of delivering signals to an infinite number of devices.

But keeping track of the number of connected devices can boost the router’s performance by more than a nudge. Here’s how.

How To Delete Devices From Eero?

Remove Devices From Eero Connections List

As mentioned before, wi-fi devices have a limit of devices that can be connected to them at the same time. This is because the amount of signal that they are able to receive and transmit is limited. Not even the most powerful wireless router would be able to power too many devices simultaneously.

So, keeping an eye out for how many connections your wireless router is establishing is key to having it deliver its top performance.

When it comes to the Eero whole home wi-fi system, the manufacturers knew they were launching a device that is capable of enhancing the quality of the wi-fi signals transmission. And while we can say they succeeded in that task, the equipment still faces pretty much the same limitations its predecessors did.

So, if you are experiencing speed or stability problems with your Eero, make sure there aren’t too many devices connected to it at once.

make sure not many device connect

In case you confirm that your Eero is connected to too many devices at the same time, your best shot should be to get to the list of connected devices and remove some of them. That is to say, don’t keep too many devices connected at once if you want to get the best out of Eero’s TrueMesh technology.

If you are not familiar with the term, TrueMesh is a connectivity technology that optimises a series of aspects related to the functioning of wireless routers. The coverage area, for instance, is highly enhanced. Speed and stability are also increased.

So, if you indeed need to remove a few of the active connections your Eero has, check the easy steps below and clear the list of devices that are not being used.

  1. First, ensure that the device you want to disconnect from your Eero is on the list of connected devices.
  2. Then, run the Eero app. In case you still don’t have it, download and install it as soon as possible. The app gives users great control of the features and more.
  3. Once you run the app, you will notice a list of devices that are currently connected to your Eero app
  4. Locate and click on the device or devices that you wish to remove from the list.
  5. Go down until you find the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on it.
  6. On the following screen you will see a ‘remove’ button, so click on it.
  7. You will be prompted to confirm the disconnection as the system may identify it as a mistake. So, click on ‘remove from network’ and that should do it.

mesh system will delivering better signal

Once the procedure is successfully finished, the device will no longer be connected to your Eero, so make sure to remove as many devices from the list as possible. That way you can ensure your wi-fi mesh system is delivering better signals.

Bear in mind that the procedure should be repeated for each device you wish to remove from the list, so be patient when you need to remove a number of them. Also, note that once a device is removed from the list, it will have to go through the whole connecting procedure again before you can have your Eero deliver signals to it.

How To Add A New Device

add a new device

On the other hand, if your Eero is not connected to too many devices at once and you wish to add a new one to the list, the procedure is also fairly easy and user-friendly.

Once again, run the app. Now, locate the ‘+’ button on the top-right side of the screen and click on it. A list of devices should appear on the screen. Now find the one you want to connect to and click on it.

Most devices have connectivity features that cover the rest of the steps on their own. If that is not the case, simply follow the prompt and get the new device connected to the Eero wireless network.

This may also come in handy in the event you mistakenly remove one of the devices that should still be connected. Also, if you remove any names from the list of connected devices, it is always a good idea to restart your Eero.

By doing that, the new settings can sink into the system and the temporary files that were facilitating the connection with the removed devices will be erased. This is an important step, as these files, if not removed, may end up overfilling the cache and causing the device to suffer performance drops.

What Else Can I Try If My Eero Is Slow?

My Eero is Slow

After deleting the unnecessary devices from the list, your Eero should already experience a noticeable boost in performance. However, if that is not the case, there are some other tricks you may try to ensure you are getting the best out of this excellent mesh system.

1. Try Renaming The Connected Devices

renaming connected devices

Since the main worry here is related to the number of devices that are simultaneously connected to your Eero, it is paramount that you know which devices are using the mesh system’s wireless signals. One of the most effective ways to do it is to give familiar names to all the devices that you want to be connected to your Eero.

This way, you will always know which devices should or shouldn’t be connected. So, switch off your Eero and make a list of all devices that are suddenly experiencing connection problems.

Then, choose the ones on the list that could be removed and create names for the important ones that should remain connected at all times. Then, change the names of the important ones and disconnect the ones you don’t need.

This will help you keep track of the connected devices and quickly act on the ones that are unnecessarily connecting to your Eero.

2. Set Up A Strong Password

setup a strong password

We know there are people who use their neighbor’s internet connections. Whether to save their data or simply because the connection next door is better, there are freeloaders out there.

Since the majority don’t want their internet connections to be shared, let alone with people they don’t really know, network security started playing a key role. If you are also going through a higher rate of data usage due to the action of freeloaders, you can set up a stronger password and give them a hard time accessing it.

Make sure to disconnect all devices before changing the password, which can also be easily done through the Eero app and re-connecting them afterward. Lastly, if you are still experiencing connection issues after performing the steps above, contact Eero’s customer support and get some help from the professionals!

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