6 Quick Checks Spectrum DVR Fast Forward Not Working

spectrum dvr fast forward not working
spectrum dvr fast forward not working

Spectrum DVR provides you with the feature of automatic recording of the current channel in Time Shift Buffer. This feature provides its users with the option to pause and resume where you left off with a maximum time interval of 60 minutes. Users also have the option of Rewind, Fast-Forward, and Slow Motion. With that said, users register sometimes complaints like “Spectrum DVR fast forward not working”. If you are one of them, do not worry. One of the solutions mentioned over here will help you in solving the issue after which you can enjoy fast forward feature:

Spectrum DVR Fast Forward Not Working

1. Restore your batteries

One possible reason can be the batteries in your remote are out of charge, which is in return affecting remote functionality. So if this is the issue we recommend users recharge the batteries. If your batteries are not rechargeable then users are advised to replace them with new ones.

2. Try by changing the Broadcast type

If the problem is not resolved by restoring batteries then the problem can be with the video you are currently watching. Since Spectrum offers a fast-forward option for videos that are pre-recorded but if you are watching a video, that is a live broadcast then you cannot fast-forward it. By changing the broadcast of your receiver, try fast-forward option once again. If it still does not work our next solution may help you.

3. Reset your Receiver

A good way to identify the issue is by hard resetting the receiver. This reset will discharge any remaining electricity from your receiver, which in return will resolve any power fluctuation issue. To do hard resetting of a receiver following steps should be taken:

  • By pressing the power button of your spectrum remote, turn off your receiver.
  • After your receiver has shut down unplug its power adapter from the source.
  • Now wait for another five minutes and re-attach the power adapter.
  • Once you have re-attached your adapter you can turn on your Spectrum receiver.

4. Interference

Another possible reason can be interference. Many things usually cause interference. Some of them can be large physical objects or RF transmitters near your remote. You can follow the following steps to make sure nothing is interfering with your remote signals:

  • Aim your receiver directly towards your receiver.
  • Remove any physical object that might be obstructing your signal.
  • Relocate your receiver in such a place from where it is accessible from various angles.

5. Try by reprogramming your Spectrum remote

There might be a case in which a software glitch is causing this issue. To cater to this we suggest you reprogramming of remote. This can be done by:

  • Press and hold the Menu +OK button of your remote.
  • Now press the power button by aiming your remote at the TV.
  • Hold up the arrow until the TV turns off.

6. Contact Support Staff

If any of the above-mentioned solutions are not working for you then you can contact Spectrum support staff and tell them that your Spectrum DVR fast-forward is not working. They will help you in resolving the issue as soon as possible.

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