4 Ways To Fix Dish DVR Not Showing Recorded Shows

Dish DVR Not Showing Recorded Shows
Dish DVR Not Showing Recorded Shows

In recent years, Dish have manage to install themselves as a household name all throughout the US. Now, normally these things don’t happen by accident. We always find that people generally vote with their feet in a way that makes a lot of sense. 

That is, if one company offers more than the other, or the same thing for less, people tend to jump ship pretty quickly. Effectively, we think this is what has happened with Dish.

If you are looking for high quality no-demand entertainment where you get to record any and all of the content that you want to keep and enjoy later. Well, at least that what you are supposed to be able to do, at least. 

Unfortunately, however, there are quite a few reports coming in that would suggest that this isn’t the experience that all of you are having. 

And of course, if you are here reading this, we would be willing to wager that you are one of the unlucky few whose shows aren’t showing up on your DVR. So, to help you get to the bottom of this problem, we have put together this little guide to help you out. 

Dish DVR Not Showing Recorded Shows?.. This is How to get your recorded shows to show up

Luckily, as far as problems of a technical nature go, this one is very easy to fix. So, if you don’t happen to be all that tech minded, don’t worry about it. Just follow the steps below and you should be up and running again in no time.

1. Try rebooting the receiver

Try rebooting the receiver

As we always do in these articles, we are going to start off with the simplest fix first. However, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this one and simply move on. It wouldn’t be here if it didn’t work often. 

So, all you will need to so here is reboot the receiver. If you haven’t done this before, you just need to press in and hold the power button on the front of the device. After a short time, the receiver will reboot (you will know when it happens). 

In quite a few cases, you should notice that you can open and play all of the things you have recorded after the reboot. If not, it is time to move onto the next step. 

2. The hard drive may have failed

The hard drive may have failed

If the reboot didn’t do anything, there is a chance that the problem may be a little more serious in your case. Unfortunately, it is always a possibility that the hard drive may have failed. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the news isn’t all that good. 

The only way around a failed hard drive is to just replace the thing entirely. Of course, this new hard drive won’t have the same recordings on it. You will have lost some data. However, the good news is that this new hard drive will be in tip top shape for years to come. 

That being said, there is a way to also retrieve all of your ‘lost’ data. So, if you want to go with this option, all you need to do is follow the steps below. 

The first way to do this is to recover the files from the trash. So, to begin, just press the DVR button on your remote. Then, from the menu, you will need to go into the “trash” option. 

From there, you can pick out all of the recordings that you want to restore. Once you are done with that, all you need to do is hit the “recall” option and then your content will be restored. 

The second way of doing this is a little different, but will accomplish the same thing. Here, we are going to get to your wayward files by going into the “my recordings” section. So, to begin, press the DVR button on the remote and then select “my recordings”. 

Then, you will need to go into your deleted recordings and select the shows you want to keep. After that, all you need to do is hit the restore button. After this, the files will be transferred into the active recordings folder. 

If neither of these steps appeal to you, there is always the option to just transfer all of the data over to an external hard drive. All you need to do is move the “recorded shows” folder over to the external drive, and then you won’t need to record them again. 

3. Replace the receiver

If you didn’t want to just go ahead and replace the hard drive, there is always the option of just replacing the entire receiver. In fact, there could well be a good reason for doing it this way. 

In some cases, the receiver that you are using may just have a string of minor hardware issues working against it. So, if it appears to you that this is the better option, we would suggest that you go with your gut on this one. 

4. Check that there isn’t a problem on their end

Check that there isn’t a problem on their end

On rare occasions, nothing that you do will fix the problem in any way. This is why we would always recommend that you figure out where the source of the problem is before you take any real action. 

So, make sure that you call up their customer service and ask them are they having any issues on their end that could be causing the problem on your end. If it turns out that they are, it is great news for you as you won’t have to do anything to fix it!

The Last Word

Before we wrap this up entirely, there is one last thing that we should bring to your attention. That is, every now and then, it won’t be in any way possible to restore any of your recorded shows. This will be the case if there are difference in the model. 

So, if you really want to protect the recordings and stop this from happening, we would recommend that you get into the habit of periodically transferring your recorded files into an external hard drive. 

In recent years, these have become so much cheaper, and the build quality is a lot better than what you have built into your receiver. In addition to that, you could also make use of the protect feature. This feature stops your files being automatically deleted. 

7 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix Dish DVR Not Showing Recorded Shows”

  1. This is close – but not my problem. I put Yellowstone on to record…Dish said it had. When we went to play the Yellowstone show, we found it recorded 1883 show instead.

  2. I set up to record “the thing about Pam” and when I went to view it , it was instead an annoying different show.

    It appeared on my DVR but was not really there. so disappointing!!!

  3. We replaced our dvr because we were only getting partial shows or not getting some shows at all. The new dvr is doing the same thing. I just signed a new contract with dish and I’m starting to regret it.

  4. I have movies automatically disappearing on updates I believe from my external hard drive. I also have double recordings on my external hard drive that I’m unable to delete. And I also have movies with the same name that only now shows one but used to show both. Very frustrating. Furthermore when dish does their update I find it unsettling that they are going into my external hard drives. Ever since they did that is when the problems started.

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