The Difference Between Message And Message Plus On Verizon

Difference Between Message And Message Plus on_Verizon
Difference Between Message And Message Plus on Verizon

What is the difference between message and message plus on Verizon? For many of who may be new to Verizon, you may not be all that familiar with who they are as a company and what exactly they do. The scope is quite a lot larger than you might have expected.

Headquartered in New York, Verizon is perhaps best described as a telecommunications giant that now operates in over 150 countries worldwide. Pretty much anywhere where there is a large technological hub, you’ll find a Verizon Communications Inc. hive.

Since its conception back in 2020, Verizon Inc. has spread its operations to include a whole plethora of high-tech solutions to the demands of the modern customer.

As a result of their willingness to move with and adapt to the changing times, they have since solidified their reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of technology, information, communication, and entertainment products and services.

Most of you will know that no matter what company you sign up with, they are going to offer you specific little perks and deals to entice you into joining their plan and sticking with it.

special packages geared toward long-term customers

These perks are usually in the form of special packages geared toward long-term customers, free calls, or perhaps an app that only works if you are subscribed to a certain network.

It is all about trying to make the prospective customers feel like they have VIP status. In the case of Verizon, this luxury application is Verizon Messages, which is more often than not referred to as Messages+.

In essence, this is just a regular messaging type application, but the difference is that it has a whole load of added-in extra features for good measure.

Now, the thing about adding in all of these extra features is that they can actually sometimes be unnecessary and perhaps even a little annoying if they haven’t been designed and implemented properly. On the other hand, they can also prove incredibly useful.

So, if you have found yourself struggling to make a choice between Verizon’s Message+ and your phone’s pre-installed and standard messaging app, we’re here to help you out.

Below, you will find an impartial weighing up of the pros and cons of both choices so that you can make the right call for yourself.

Also, to make this information as clear as possible, we will display all of these points in the form of a table at the end of this article.

That being said, we would still recommend reading these points to get a well-rounded comparison between the two.

Difference Between Message And Message Plus on Verizon

PART 1: The Pros and Cons of Samsung/Android Messages

Let’s get this kicked off by starting on a positive note before we get into the critiques. First on our list are the pros and cons of the standard Samsung messaging app.  

PROS #1: Easy Access

First up, one of the core strengths of the Samsung Messenger app is that it is very well designed and implements. That, and it is super accessible.

Once you get to learn how it works, there are rarely any complications that can arise. With user experience a core concern, there is absolutely no problem in getting it set up and running the way that it should.

Pretty much all you need to do is put in your SIM card, and you’re officially ready to go!

PROS #2: Versatile Message Viewablity

Another key strength of the Samsung Messenger app is that it suffers from very few limitations, despite its simplicity.

By this, we mean that it allows you to send all types of MMS (Multimedia Messages) without any complications.

This means that you should instantly be able to send videos, gifs, memes, photos, voice messages, any format you could possibly want.

So, it is by no means an app that will limit you to just sending plain ol’ messages.

PROS #3: Web App

Another huge advantage to using the Samsung messaging app is that it is incredibly versatile.

In fact, once you have the web app, you can use it through pretty much any device you want.

This means that if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to your phone and desperately need to send a message, you can still do it!

Just access Samsung messages from either your laptop, desktop, or even an iOS device, and you’re good to go.

Unable to Send Messages Internationally

CONS #1: Unable to Send Messages Internationally

One of the most restrictive things about Samsung messages is that you won’t be able to send messages internationally.

However, there are exceptions to this. Generally, you should not be able to send a message to anyone who isn’t in your country, or at least pretty close to it.

CONS #2: Same Network RCS only

Unfortunately, the app also only allows you to RCS with other Samsung devices that are on the same network as you.

So, the criteria you have to meet to be able to use Rich Communication Services are pretty specific.

CONS #3: Unable to Archive Old Messages

Now, to finish off with the biggest con of them all. For us, the worst bit of using Samsung messages is that there is no real way to archive your past messages.

So, this is not one for those who keep messages out of nostalgia. In fact, as soon as you reset or lose your phone, all previous messages will disappear into the ether.

PART 2: The Pros and Cons of Messages+

PROS #1: WiFi Calls and Texts

One of the strengths that really attracts users to Messages+ is that your means of communication isn’t tied only to your SIM card.

Instead, you will be able to make calls and send texts by using a Wi-Fi connection.

PROS #2: Accessible on Multiple Devices

Messages+ also allows you to use it on multiple devices at once if you need to.

You can also download the app onto your computer and then sync it to your phone.

PROS #3: Able to Archive Old Messages

A big strength that Verizon Messages has over Samsung is that you can archive any and all conversations that you want to.

You can then access them any time you want through cloud storage. So, even if you lose your phone, your messages will still be there.

PROS #4: Customizable to Suit Preferences

For those of you who are looking for a more in-depth and user-guided experience, Verizon also allows for a huge amount of customization to suit the needs and preferences of all types of users.

Customizable to Suit Preferences

CONS #1: Limited Message Viewing Ability

When it comes to sending MMS, things can get a little trickier.

Though you can send videos, photos, etc., through Messages+, there is the problem that a lot of these types of messages are not viewable without having to download another app to facilitate that. Unfortunately, but not a deal-breaker for most.

CONS #2: Uses Your Location Frequently

Verizon’s Messaging app suffers from one drawback that is quite common among the more intricate and detailed apps out there.

The app needs to access your location nearly all of the time, and that can drain your battery pretty quickly. 

CONS #3: Poor Video Call Quality

Messages+ also will enable you to make video calls in the same way as you can over Facebook messenger, Zoom, etc.

Unfortunately, the quality of the video calls isn’t all that great, and they can also drain your battery quite quickly. 

poor video call quality

Seeing as that was quite a lot of information in a very short time, we have decided to put the difference between message and message plus on Verizon into this handy little table below.

FeaturesPhone Default Message AppVerizon Message Plus App
Easy to set up/use?YesNot really. Can be tricky.
Easy to send MMS?YesNeeds a secondary app to work properly
Works on multiple devices?YesYes
Can send messages internationally?NoYes
Doesn't drain the battery?YesNo
RCS possible?Only with other Samsungs on same networkYes
Can archive messages?NoYes
Calls and texts via Wi-Fi?NoYes

So, as you can see, there are quite a few differences that make these two apps entirely different from using – and these are worth taking into account before you decide on anything.

Naturally, switching from one app to another after you have been using it for a while can be a bit tricky as it takes some time to get used to the new one.

For us, what app to choose isn’t a simple case of simply saying one is better than the other. Instead, we would suggest that you take into account what you intend to use the app for.

After all, some of you won’t need the extra features that Verizon Plus offers. For those of you who demand a more intricate and customizable user experience, it has to be said that switching to Verizon Plus makes a lot of sense.

In either case, we hope the difference between message and message plus on Verizon article helped you out on your way to making the right decision for you.

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