The Difference Between Message And Message Plus On Verizon


First things first, an introduction to who Verizon is as a company. Verizon communications are an American telecommunications company that operates in multiple different nations. The platform became a sole company of its own in 1983, and since then has gone through many changes to reach the spot where it is at now.

The spot is its place as one of the biggest telecommunications-based companies in America. Now Verizon is quite known throughout America and other nations as well, this is more because of their marketing success, which they have achieved through their impressive sponsorships.

Verizon has multiple different subsidiaries, Verizon Wireless is the one which is meant to provide people with services like Wi-Fi. This same subsidiary is also the one responsible for the functionality of Verizon messages. Verizon Wireless is the second-biggest wireless telecommunication based service provider in the entire US, based on the impressive 154 million and rising people that they serve across the nation.

The brand was founded just a little over 20 years ago, in April 2000. Since then it has gone through many modernizing changes and has also purchased and made multiple different wireless phone service providers into a part of itself. Verizon wireless itself was just a wireless phone service provider itself during its earlier years, however, one of the many modernizations that were mentioned above included their focus changing to providing users with internet through Wi-Fi and mobile data services.

Verizon wireless provides a large number of people all over America to fulfill its internet-based needs. They have different packages and deals that can be subscribed to in order to gain different types of advantages and high speeds. Their ability to satisfy subscribers with said high speeds is what makes them so famous, as they provide them with little to no problems in that department.

As is with every single company, subscribing to Verizon has its own little advantages. These advantages can be special packages for long time customers or free calls or the internet in specific places or an application that works only if you are subscribed to a specific network. In Verizon’s case, this application is Verizon Messages, more widely referred to as Messages+, which provides you with a lot more features as compared to the pre-installed messages application on your phone.

However, sometimes all these features can be a bad thing. If you are struggling to choose between Verizon’s Message+ and your phones pre-installed messaging app, here are a few pros and cons of each one that can help you decide.

The Main Difference Between Message And Message Plus On Verizon

The Pros and Cons of Samsung/Android Messages

Starting off on a positive note rather than a negative one, first off are the pros of the Samsung message app.


  • The Samsung Messenger app is very simple and straightforward to use, not making you go through any hassle in order to get it to be fully functional. This can be a very good thing since you will be able to start using the app as soon as you insert a SIM card.
  • The Samsung Messenger app allows you to send all kinds of MMS (Multimedia Messages) through it. This includes photos, videos, Gifs, voice messages, etc. meaning that your conversations won’t just consist of plain old messages.
  • A huge upside to Samsung messages is that you can use it from nearly any device through the web app. If you currently don’t have access to your phone and need to send an important text real quick you can access Samsung messages from your PC, laptop, or even IOS devices from the web page.


  • One of the bigger cons associated with Samsung messages is that you cannot send international messages, meaning that you will be unable to text anyone that is not in your country or at least near it.
  • The app only allows you to RCS with other Samsung devices that also have to be on the same network as you are, meaning that you would have to match pretty specific criteria in order to use Rich Communication Services.
  • Lastly, the biggest con out of the bunch. Samsung messages don’t offer a way to archive your messages. This is a huge con since any messages that you send to other people will be lost if you reset or lose your phone.

The Pros and Cons of Messages+


  • Messages+ allows you to text and call others with the use of Wi-Fi, not limiting your communication to your SIM card.
  • Messages+ lets you use multiple devices at once to chat with others, and it also has its own desktop app that can be downloaded and synced with the one on your phone.
  • Verizon Messages allows you to archive all of your conversations, letting you access them through cloud storage if you ever lose your phone or have to restart it.
  • Verizon offers you a lot of customization options to make your messaging experience more beautiful.


  • Although Messages+ allows you to send videos and photos, a lot of these cannot be viewed without the use of another app that you’ll have to install.
  • Verizon’s Messaging app will be accessing your location at almost all times, meaning that the app will be draining your battery quite a lot.
  • Messages+ allow you to place video calls, however, they are quite battered consuming and not exactly of the best quality

There are many differences when it comes to using the two applications, and these pros and cons are an easy way to distinguish some of them. The choice to switch between one or the other can be a difficult one if you’ve been stuck with one for long, however, these few differences can help make them a little easier. If you prefer a simpler experience it is likely that you will prefer Samsung messages, however, Verizon’s customization options and internet-based usage is something that makes a lot of people shift towards using the application.

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