Verizon Message+ Backup Feature (Multimedia, Group Messaging Backup & Restore)

verizon message+ backup
verizon message+ backup

Verizon Message+ Backup

Verizon is one of the best mobile carriers out there. It serves the consumers right as there are not only tons of additional features, but you also get to enjoy the strongest coverage out there that is not easy to beat. Despite the fact that Verizon has one of the strongest networks out there with the best coverage and network stability, you also get to enjoy some highly affordable packages and terrif that add to the value of your overall user experience.

In addition to all these cool features, there are certain applications that would make your life much more convenient and add the right value to your mobile experience. There are tons of applications that you can get from Verizon including the application to manage the account, calling application, and even the Messages+ application.

Verizon Messages+

Verizon Messages+ is the application that allows you to sync it up with the Verizon account. The application allows you to not only send the messages over the internet to all the mobile numbers out there, but you will also be able to get certain additional features that you can use to organize, manage and receive all the text messages.

The application essentially includes all the basic features allowing you to get the right edge of Text messaging. It will enhance your text messaging experience as you will be sending out and receiving the messages over the internet instead of your regular mobile network. If you are sending out the message to someone with Verizon Messages+ application, they will receive it on their application. Although, if they are not connected with the internet, the application will send out the message on the mobile network. This also goes for receivers that are not on the Verizon network. A few features that you might need to know about the Verizon Messages+ application backup are:

1. Multimedia Backup

The multimedia that you receive in the messages is important for you and you don’t want to lose it if you are changing your device. With the help of Verizon Messages+ application backup feature, you can easily backup all the data on your cloud drive and it can be restored easily when you get a new phone. This includes all the voice messages, videos, images, and files that you might have received within the Verizon messaging application.

2. Group Messaging Backup

Now, this is a feature that is not easy to get your hands on if you are using any other carrier out there. Verizon Messages+ application allows you to have the right edge of group messaging. You can easily backup any group conversations and have them restored as well. Once you restore the backup on your new Verizon equipped mobile phone, you will have all the group messages and the same groups with all participants. It almost feels like you don’t have changed the device at all.

3. Backup and Restore

All of the above features are pretty great, but the main attraction that you get to have on the Verizon Messages+ application is the ability to back up the conversations. Backing up the conversation allows you to keep all the conversations and messages that you have on your application even when you are changing the phone.

The process is pretty easy, as Verizon allows you pretty ample storage space on its cloud. The best thing is that you don’t even have to worry about multiple accounts or stuff like that. The cloud backup is pretty safe and secure and you don’t have to worry about your data being lost or stolen either.

You just have to open the messaging application, go to settings, and click on the backup button. Once you do that, a backup of all your messages will be saved on the Verizon Cloud.

Moving forward, you don’t have to bother much as you will just need to enter the same account that you used to backup your messages on the application. Once you install the application and login with your same credentials, you will be able to restore all the messages, preferences, and settings without facing any issues or errors. This is just the perfect way to switch your phones without having any issues. The backup can also help you in case you lose or damage your phone.

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