Difference Between Sent And Delivered Messages On Verizon

difference between sent and delivered verizon
difference between sent and delivered verizon

Verizon is one of the most used network carriers out there and people have been gaining benefits from the high-end and user-focused plans. With this being said, there are multiple message plans, so everyone can stay connected to their acquaintances.

On the other hand, some Verizon users are wondering about the difference between sent and delivered Verizon on messages. So, in this article, we are sharing everything you need to know!

Difference Between Sent And Delivered Messages On Verizon

Delivered Messages

As the name suggests, delivered means that the message was delivered to the phone of the recipient. While using the Verizon network, the delivered message status shows on the numbers when you are sending the message to the Verizon wireless phone. With this being said, it doesn’t mean if the message has been seen by the recipient. Some experts suggest that delivered messages are on Verizon and their reception is complete.

In case you are sending the message to another carrier, there are few chances that delivered status will be shown. Consequently, Verizon cannot take responsibility for the message sending. In simpler words, the delivered status means that the person has received the message that you sent. According to Verizon customer reps, the delivery status is available for users when they are using the Verizon phone but some other network carrier.

Sent Messages

Sent means that the message has been sent or submitted for delivery. In simpler words, the sent status is when you hit the send button after writing the message in your inbox. With this being said, the sent message status shows that you’ve sent the message from your end but the recipient didn’t receive the message for sure. Also, it means that the message sending is in process.

The Message’s Sent Status Is Not Changing

Some Verizon users are complaining that they aren’t able to see the status change from sent to delivered and they are wondering what this is about. So, it clearly means that the delivery report wasn’t received by Verizon to their SMS gateway system. In some cases, Verizon tends to switch off these reports or sometimes delay the reports in case of network congestion.

Above all, Verizon doesn’t promise the delivery reports. In some cases, the status doesn’t change in case there is a delay in message delivery. This is usually in case when the recipient has switched off their phone or doesn’t have the signals. When the recipient gains a signal, the status will change to deliver. On the other hand, if the message status doesn’t change to fail, the message was sent and there’s something wrong at the recipient’s end.

Still, if you want to be sure about the delivery, you can opt for the SMS delivery reports or WinSMS delivery reports. This is because these reports will alert you when a message is successfully sent to the recipient or not. In simpler words, you will be sure if the message was sent to the desired number or not. We are pretty sure that you’re able to understand the difference between these two message delivery statuses!

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  1. i have a new iphone 12 and i get not delivered messages. i am not able to fix it. there is no settings button on the message app.

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