Is It Possible To Connect Roku To TiVo?

connect roku to tivo
connect roku to tivo

A few years back, people had to use cable modems to get access to their favorite TV channels. This required them to have a complete connection of coaxial wires to be set up in their homes which caused a lot of problems. However, recently companies have started to manufacture devices that can be set up quite easily.

All of these works wirelessly and can be set up easily. The only requirement needed for them is having a stable internet connection. You can then start using the services provided by the company along with their features. These include adding shows to your library through demand or recording your existing movies and channels.

Roku TV

Roku is a famous company that provides its users with a small device. This can be installed on your television through the HDMI port. You are then required to make an account and then subscribe to one of their packages. People can then start enjoying these without any additional setup. The device also comes with a remote that you can use to control the Smart TV services that this product offers. These also include all the features present on it.


TiVo provides its users with access to watch shows similar to Roku. However, the features provided by them are quite different and the device comes in the shape of a digital box instead. One other difference between the two devices is that TiVo catches on signals from the satellites to provide their users with shows instead of using the internet.

Connect Roku To TiVo           

Users who have both of these devices might want to connect them. Although, you should note that directly connecting the Roku device to your TiVo modem will not work. TiVo does not provide support to use Roku on their devices. If you want to connect them then this is not possible. However, the best thing about Roku is its compatibility with all the other devices.  This means that while users are not able to connect these two devices. You can still enjoy the services provided by TiVo on your Roku television.

How to Use TiVo on Roku?

The only way to do this is by installing the TiVo application on your Roku TV. You can then proceed to login to the servers and start enjoying the features provided by them. All the channels from your library will be available but you won’t be able to use the DVR feature. This is because Roku does not support DVR on their devices at the time. Another thing to keep in mind is that Roku will only stream the application at a 720p resolution.

This might be blurry for some people. However, the device is not able to stream other applications at a higher resolution. Lastly, the interface provided by TiVo’s application will be the same as Roku’s. This is because Roku has strict guidelines and they can only show other applications through their interface. Considering this, if you own both of these devices then it is better that you use them separately.

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