How To Connect Onkyo Receiver To LG Smart TV? 3 Ways

how to connect onkyo receiver to lg smart tv
how to connect onkyo receiver to lg smart tv

People who love entertainment would be in love with receivers because it can spruce up the entertainment experience. For this reason, people choose Onkyo receivers as they make the perfect home theatre centerpiece. So, if you want to connect it to your TV and are considering how to connect the Onkyo receiver to LG Smart TV, we have the instructions for you!

How To Connect Onkyo Receiver To LG Smart TV?

1) RCA Connection

This is the first method for connecting the Onkyo receiver to the LG Smart TV. For this purpose, you only need to connect the Smart TV stereo outputs (yes, they are known as RCA outputs) to the receiver. To begin with, you have to use the analog stereo cables and connect the plug to the audio output on the TV. Then, connect the RCA plugs to the receiver’s audio ports.

Once the plug is connected to the audio port, turn on your Onkyo receiver and follow the on-screen instructions. Lastly, you only have to choose the input on the receiver for receiving the sound. With these steps, you will be able to how Onkyo receiver to LG Smart TV. On the contrary, if your TV doesn’t have the RCA or 3.5mm connections, you can check out the next method.

2) Digital Optical Connection

The Onkyo receivers are extremely famous and one reason is the availability of multiple connections for transmitting the video and audio signals to the LG Smart TV. That being said, you can opt for the digital optimal for audio connection. For those who don’t know, the digital optimal connection is the physical connection that uses fiber optics for transferring the audio signals from the suitable device. For establishing the digital optical connection, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Connect the digital audio output from the LG Smart TV to the receiver’s digital audio and switch on the receiver
  • Now, set HTS on the input (where you connected the optical cable) and press the button on top
  • You will start hearing sounds oozing out from the receiver’s speaker

On the other hand, if you aren’t hearing the sound from the speakers of the Onkyo receiver, you need to check the audio output settings of the TV (you might know them as PCM) and the problem will be solved.

3) HDMI Connection

This is the third method for connecting the LG Smart TV and Onkyo receiver. In particular, we are talking about HDMI-ARC and the feature is widely available in LG Smart TV. This feature is responsible for limiting the count of connected cables between the receiver and TV. In addition, the users will be able to ensure a connection and transmission of audio signals to and from both devices.

Not to forget, the HDMI-ARC connection will improve the sound quality and signal latency as well. Also, you won’t need any second optical or audio cable for connecting the third-party speakers. However, it’s best to use HDMI 1.4 or higher cable and don’t forget to adjust the settings on the receiver. Moreover, you must activate the HDMI-CEC settings to ensure correct connectivity.

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