Does TiVo Work With Playstation Vue?

does tivo work with playstation vue
does tivo work with playstation vue

TiVo provides its users with digital cable boxes that can be used to watch your favorite TV channels. There is a huge list of shows that you can watch. Although, if you are not interested in them then you can use the VOD (Video On Demand) feature to add additional shows or movies to your library.

Aside from this, you can also use the DVR feature which allows users to record the channels they’re watching on their storage devices. These can then be watched whenever they want to and you are even provided with the option to pause them in between. There are a ton of other features also present on these devices, although, these usually depend on the package you are subscribed to.

What Is PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation Vue is also a streaming service quite similar to TiVo. It also acts as a replacement for your cable service and can provide a ton of channels to their users. There is a list of packages that you can select from and the channels that you receive depend on it. Although, most of the channels provided on this PlayStation Vue are related to sports.

Does TiVo Work with PlayStation Vue?

People who have both of these installed in their homes might want to use their TiVo account with PlayStation Vue. This can allow you to watch the shows and channels provided by both of these services on one platform. So, the question is ‘Does TiVo work with PlayStation Vue?’. The answer for this is ‘yes it can work. You can easily install the TiVo application on your

PlayStation and then login into your account. Afterward, all the channels that you subscribed to will be available to watch on your console device. Although, an important thing to note is that these will only be available to be watched in 720p. Additionally, the interface you will see will be from your console. This is because the company does not allow other platforms to access their application with resolutions above this.

Is It Worth It?

You might ask if it is worth the hassle of using your TiVo on the PlayStation Vue. The answer for this is ‘no’, the channels that you can watch are of low quality. On top of it, there is no benefit of using the TiVo on your PlayStation Vue. Not even the DVR feature will function on it. The TiVo devices can only record shows that are available on your cable or are playing through your TiVo library. Considering this, there is no need to go through all this hassle unless there is a problem with your TiVo device.

Even then it is recommended that you get your device repaired by the company. Alternatively, you can get a replacement or purchase a new device that has better features. Lastly, the PlayStation Vue only has sports channels on it which are liked by only a small percentage of people. If you are interested in them then you might want to connect your devices, however, if you aren’t then there is no benefit in doing so.

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