How To Connect Your Orbi Satellite to Other Satellite?

orbi satellite connect to other satellite
orbi satellite connect to other satellite

Orbi satellites have been around for a long time and are perfect for internet users who are currently using the Orbi router and want to extend the wireless connection range. In addition, it can be connected to the devices with the help of an Ethernet cable. To be honest, these satellites are a bit confusing, and many people don’t know how to connect the Orbi satellite to other satellites. So, let’s check out the process!

Connecting Orbi Satellite To Other Satellite Or Router

The Orbi satellite is connected to the other routers and satellites to improve the wireless connection’s range. So, let’s see how you can connect and sync them;

  • Make sure that the router and Orbi satellites are turned on and are receiving the power signals
  • Press the sync button on your router, and within one minute, press and hold the sync button on the satellite (the location of the sync button depends on the specific model)

When the sync button is pressed, the LED on the Orbi satellite will light up in the following colors;

  • Amber – the solid amber light means that you should place the satellite and router in closer proximity to each other
  • Magenta – the solid magenta light means that the devices haven’t synced to each other
  • Blue – the solid blue light means that the syncing is successful

In case you were trying to sync and connect the Orbi satellite to the router or another satellite, there are some troubleshooting steps that can be tried;

Factory Reset

The first solution is to factory reset the satellite and sync/connect them manually. For this purpose, you can try out the following instructions;

  • Put the satellites and router closer to each other, and the satellite must be turned on (you must connect the adapter tightly to the power socket)
  • Take a paperclip and hold the reset button that’s present on the satellite’s back until the LED light becomes white (the white LED means that the reset is complete)
  • Once done, press the sync button on the other satellite (you can also press the sync button on the router if you want to connect it to the satellite)
  • Within a minute, you have to press the sync button on the Orbi satellite and wait for a few seconds. During this time, the light should turn blue because blue color indicates successful syncing

Additional Information

The Orbi satellite cannot be used on its own as it has to be connected with other satellites or an Orbi router within the mesh system. Keep in mind that the Orbi satellite needs a direct connection to the router that’s connected to the modem with the help of a modem.

Many people wonder if Orbi satellite can be used with non-Orbi routers, and if you’ve been wondering the same, it’s not possible. That’s because the Orbi satellite can only be used with the Orbi router (nope, not even Netgear routers).

The bottom line is that these steps should help you connect Orbi satellite to another satellite, but if there is an issue with the connection, you have to call Orbi customer support!

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