WatchESPN AT&T U-verse Not Authorized Error: 6 Fixes

watchespn att uverse not authorized
watchespn att uverse not authorized

ESPN is a literal heaven for sports enthusiasts and WatchESPN is the ultimate app. The app, itself is free but users must be subscribed to AT&T U-Verse. With WatchESPN, there will be live programming from ESPN on the smartphone, tablets, Xbox, Roku, Chromecast, and more.

On the contrary, WatchESPN AT&T U-Verse not authorized error can hinder access. So, let’s have a look at the troubleshooting methods!

WatchESPN AT&T U-verse Not Authorized Error

1) App

For the most part, the app might be at fault. The first instinct should be deleting the app from whichever device you are using it at. So, delete the app and make sure that you delete its files and data as well. After deleting the app, wait for five minutes before you reinstall it. Once the app is reinstalled, log in with your account credentials.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to delete and reinstall the app, you could try clearing the app cache. This is because an overloaded app cache can hinder performance and access.

2) Browser

If you are trying to access WatchESPN on some browser and unable to do so, you could look for the cookies and cache issue. We suggest that you delete the cache and cookies from the browser. In addition to deleting the cache and cookies, delete the browser history as it deletes the previous logins. Deleting the previous login information helps streamline access to WatchESPN.

Secondly, you could try changing a different browser. Generally, people use Google Chrome for accessing the app. However, according to some users, WatchESPN creates issue with Google Chrome. For this reason, switch to the Firefox app and it will streamline the connectivity and authorization to the app.

3) Password Reset

In case deleting the cache and cookies from the browser didn’t resolve the WatchESPN authorization issues, you should reset the password. For this purpose, you will need to open the WatchESPN app on the browser and reset the password. In case you don’t know the correct reset process, you can get in touch with customer support, so they can reset the password for you.

4) Restart

In some cases, WatchESPN is not the troubling part because sometimes, the issue is with the device. The incorrect configuration on the device will impact the app functionality. For this purpose, it’s best that you restart the device. It doesn’t matter if you are using a smartphone, smart TV, or Xbox, restarting will apply to every device.

5) Log Out

If there is still an authorization issue with WatchESPN, you need to log out from all the devices connected with AT&T. After logging out, log in to the device that you want to stream WatchESPN on. We are pretty sure that it will fix the issue.

6) Customer Support

This is the last option if you are unable to use WatchESPN and have authorization issues. So, you can message AT&T through the private notes page and add your account number and name. In addition, you should add the phone number because it helps the customer support verify the account. Once they verify the account, assistance will be provided.

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