4 Ways To Fix Dish Anywhere Not Working On Firestick

dish anywhere not working on firestick
dish anywhere not working on firestick

Should you be looking for a way to transport the outstanding level of entertainment you already enjoy with your Dish TV service into a portable device, then Dish Anywhere is exactly what you need. Their purpose is precisely that of bringing media streaming to mobiles, laptops, and tablets without losing a single ounce of quality.

Amongst the main features of the service is the possibility of transferring recordings from Hopper 3 DVR devices to mobile ones. This means you can record whatever content you wish from your Dish TV service and watch it on your mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Additionally, Dish Anywhere allows users to download purchased movies and select premium-channel content to be enjoyed on the small screen. Even though the service was never aimed at travellers in particular, the feature comes in extremely handy for people who face long commutes or even trips.

Another remarkable feature of Dish Anywhere is the endless list of On-Demand titles, including movies, shows and much more, which can also be watched on your mobile, laptop or tablet. Lastly, the app allows users to manage the recordings they have on their DVR devices.

command their DVR devices to record shows, movies, or sports events

This means users can command their DVR devices to record shows, movies, or sports events. At the same time, the already watched content can be deleted from the DVR memory with a few clicks.

Lastly, media streaming services such as the FireTVStick from Amazon, allows users to connect to their Dish Anywhere and enjoy endless hours of content. This has been reported by users to be one of the most fruitful partnerships of the last ten years or so.

The two services fit into each other incredibly well, and the outcome is outstanding audio and video quality delivered through prime content into your various portable devices.

However, even with the combined quality of the two services, the bundle is not free from issues. As it has been most lately reported, users are experiencing issues that are causing disruption in the transmission between Dish Anywhere and the Amazon FireTVStick.

According to the reports, there is a series of different manifestations of the issue, but all of them have one thing in common: the content simply isn’t streaming on the portable devices.

How To Fix Dish Anywhere Not Working On Firestick

As mentioned above, users have been experiencing issues upon streaming content from their FireTVSticks into portable devices through the Dish Anywhere app. Even though a number of different causes have been reported, the outcome is pretty much the same.

As it turns out, users are simply unable to enjoy the content as the screen will turn black, freeze, or simply won’t load the media.

representants of both Dish TV and Amazon

The first thing to be taken into account is compatibility, as many users just simply started stating that there is a problem occurring between the services. To that, representants of both Dish TV and Amazon answered negatively, assuring users that there is no compatibility issue between the two.

Indeed, as even other users commented, they never experienced any sort of compatibility problems between the two services.

Since compatibility has been ruled out, let us walk you through the main causes of the issue between Dish Anywhere and Amazon FireTVStick and even bring you some easy fixes for those possible causes.

So, without further ado, here is all you need to know about the possible sources as well as all the easy fixes that will get the issue out of the way for good.

1. Give The Device A Restart

Give The Device A Restart

The first and easiest thing you want to do upon experiencing issue between Dish Anywhere and Amazon FireTVStick is to simply restart the device you are using to watch the content. The restarting procedure troubleshoots the system for configuration and compatibility errors and fixes them.

Also, it clears the cache from unnecessary temporary files that help further connections be performed quicker. The added bonus here is that these files usually pile up in the cache memory and can end up causing the system to run slower, so it is a good thing to get rid of them.

Once the restarting procedure is successfully completed, you should attempt running the Dish Anywhere app. By then, the app will prompt you to authorize the functioning of its features.

In the event you are running the app on a computer, once the authorization process is done, it will ask you to shut down the screen as a final process.

After the screen is turned off and back on again, the app should run normally and you will be able to enjoy all the outstanding content of the service.

2. Check If You Have An Active Internet Connection

Check If You Have An Active Internet Connection

Due to the fact that both services work with streaming media from a server, they will both also need active internet connections. As we know, internet connections work as a constant exchange of data packages between the two sides of the deal.

So, there should be any sort of disruption, the odds the connection will fail are huge.

This is the reason why you should constantly check the condition of your internet connection. A simple moment of data transfer disruption can, by itself, cause the content to freeze or simply stop being displayed.

Amazon FireTVStick will also demand more than a simple active internet connection to work at its best. The speed of the connection is also a key factor for the services to properly function.

internet connection speed

For example, should your internet connection speed be lower than that required, the app may start, but none of the content will be displayed.

This is because the amount of data these shows, sports events, and movies demand is more than the traffic your device can currently deal with.

So, make sure your internet connection is not only kept in good condition throughout the whole streaming session, but also that it is fast enough to deal with the necessary amount of data traffic.

In the case you find out your internet connection is too slow, make sure to contact your ISP, or Internet Service Provider, and get an upgrade to your plan.

3. Check The Condition Of The HDMI Connector

Check The Condition Of The HDMI Connector

Should you see that your internet connection is up and running with at least the required speed but the service is not being delivered, you might want to check the hardware. That is to say, the connectors, cables, ports and all other pieces of equipment involved in the transmission of the service.

While Dish Anywhere only requires a portable device to have the app installed on, the Amazon FireTVStick will require a TV set with a working HDMI port.

So, should you notice any sort of problems that are not internet-related, make sure to check the stick is properly attached to the correct HDMI port and also that the port itself is properly working.

4. Contact Customer Support

make sure to contact their customer support departments

Should you attempt all the fixes above and still experience the issue between your Dish Anywhere app and your Amazon FireTVStick, make sure to contact their customer support departments.

Both companies have highly trained professionals that are used to dealing with all sorts of issues and will definitely have some extra tricks you can attempt.

On a final note, should you know about other easy fixes for the issue between Dish Anywhere and Amazon FireTVStick, make sure to let us know. Drop a message in the comments section and save your fellow readers a few headaches down the line.

Also, every piece of feedback helps us build a stronger community so, don’t be shy and tell us all about the easy fixes you found.

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  1. how to get the guide to show programs? just list no scheduled programs slot. I have dish anywhere app on my firestick but wont show all the programs .

  2. fire stick works with apple tv app, vix , hullu, univision, pox sports, prime viseo, netflix, but Dish anywhere. So something is not quite right with the app.

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