Altice vs Optimum: Whats The Difference?

altice vs optimum
altice vs optimum

For the longest time possible, people have been confused about Altice and Optimum. With this being said, the questions like “is Altice and Optimum safe?”, “what are the differences in their services?” are pretty common. So in this article, we are sharing all about Altice Vs. Optimum. Let’s have a look!

Altice vs Optimum – Are They Same?

Back in 2016, Altice bought the Cablevision company, which also led to the acquisition of Optimum. In addition, Altice now holds hands-on other communication companies like Suddenlink, Altice Mobile, and Cheddar. However, they tend to work as individual companies. So, let’s see how they are different from each other!


For the people who need TV, internet, and phone services, Optimum is the go-to option because it has everything one needs. When it comes to the price, they tend to be a bit expensive for some people. For instance, the 940Mbps and 300Mbps plans are striking hard with the competitors. However, with the 400Mbps plan, the price will be better, and the speeds will be faster.

The best thing about Optimum is that you don’t have to sign any contract, and still, they manage to optimize the plans and services for their customers. The speeds offered by Optimum will easily suffice the streaming freaks and huge families, along with workspaces. However, there are no low-speed plans for individual users.

As far as the reliability is concerned, Optimum promises to deliver the advertised speed, and they fulfill the promise. For the people who opt for a 400Mbps plan, the price chart will never increase since it’s designed with the Price for Life feature. The most important factor to consider about such services is their customer service.

So, unlike their competitors and usual service providers, Optimum has optimized the most helpful and experienced customer service. With this being said, the customer service will easily cater to your concerns and provide potential solutions. The only downside is that there are no plans for individual users!


As far as the Altice is concerned, it’s the governing company of Optimum, and it lives up the name. First of all, with the $30 monthly package, the users can access unlimited data, texts, voice, video streaming, mobile hotspot, and the international texts and voice service. Even more, you will get free data, text, and voice services in more than 35 countries.

However, you can only use the Altice services if you are located in the ZIP Code areas with Suddenlink and Optimum coverage. If you have some personal needs to consider, Altice helps you make a new bundle that complies with your mobile phone (you will need to pay an extra fee every month in this case).

The best thing about Altice is that its wireless services are top-notch, and the hotspot will be uninterrupted. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Altice is a real catch, and with reliable plans, they have become the right choice. The bottom line is that their reasonable roaming features have helped them gain this top position!

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