Compare 100Mbps vs 300Mbps Internet Speed

100Mbps vs 300Mbps Internet Speed
100Mbps vs 300Mbps Internet Speed

One of the main decisions we make before selecting any specific internet package is to check which speed suits us the most. Of course, 100Mbps and 300 Mbps internet speeds are totally different from each other.

Selecting the suitable internet speed is a tricky process as compared to the selection of budget-friendly package. Often, you are offered a cheap package but the internet speed does not meet your requirement so ultimately it may cause trouble for you. However, one can always compare both speeds.

100Mbps vs 300Mbps Internet Speed:

The first question that pops up in our minds when we plan to select a good internet speed is

What Is Considered A Good Internet Speed?

If you need better support for your online gaming, streaming, downloading, and web browsing speed above 25 Mbps is considered good.

What Is Considered A Fast Internet Speed?

If there are multiple users using the same internet at your home than you are most likely to need faster internet service. The speed of 100 Mbps and above is considered fast speed as they can handle your online activities without any interruption.

Now let us consider if you want high-speed internet, who doesn’t want that anyway? Your next step would be to select the most suitable internet speed while staying in your budget. Let’s take a look at the differences between 100Mbps and 300Mbps to help you decide wisely.

The Downloading Speed:

Most movies range from 2GB to 5GB at maximum with great download quality while sizes for other audio and video files like music and pictures can vary.

But of course, it depends on the quality and length of the movie.  If you download a 4 GB file it will take about 6 minutes for it to get downloaded if you are using a 100Mbps internet speed package or it takes almost 3 minutes to complete the download if you have 300Mbps internet speed.

If you are someone who likes to download your favorite media from the web, then 300mbps is made for you.

The Uploading Speed:

Obviously, the uploading time also depends on the size of the file being uploaded. The harsh reality about the internet providers is that they provide uploading speeds which are lower as compared to the downloading speeds.

Still, some of them do offer a good speed in comparison to the downloading speed. To take a look at the uploading speed let’s suppose if we have a video file of 1GB and we want to compare the uploading speeds for both 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps bundles.

The uploading speed for 100 Mbps would be within 80 seconds while it would require almost 30-40 seconds for 300 Mbps.

Keep in mind that both the download and upload timings are only an estimate just to help you compare. The main factors on which the internet speed depends are no doubt the type of internet activities and the total number of devices connected to your internet device at that moment.

Which One Is The Booster Of Sharing Speed?

If you have an internal network such as LAN, the faster among both routers will help you boost the speed.  Just to make it clear, we all know that you don’t need the internet if one of your family members wants to share a movie on the router.

You can easily share the movie with the help of your router network. So the main factor on which the sharing speed depends is the router speed. If we compare the 100mbps and 300 Mbps then the 300 Mbps router will definitely give you a speed greater than two times that of the 100 Mbps router.

To compare both it is good to run a speed test. There are different sites that can help you do that. The speed also depends on the capability of the adapter, the cable, and the LAN ports.

What To Choose If You Are A Gamer:

Most modern games that are present online luckily don’t require a huge amount of bandwidth. Some of them, however, need a constant and strong connection online for them to play smoothly.

These games need faster downloading and uploading speeds to function. In addition to this, the overall speed also depends on the amount of data you are downloading from online.

To enjoy the online experience fully we all believe in getting into the action sooner and for that to happen it takes about 80-100 gigabytes of internet speed. So for all gamers, 100 Mbps speed can be enough.

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