How To Reset Actiontec Router To Factory Defaults: 2 Methods

how to reset actiontec router to factory defaults
how to reset actiontec router to factory defaults

Actiontec is one of the best brands out there for everyone who needs an internet router. However, it doesn’t mean that these routers are not prone to internet issues, as users often complain about lagging internet connection or interrupted internet signals. However, these internet errors can be resolved by resetting the Actiontec router to the factory default settings. So, let’s see how you can reset the router!

How To Reset Actiontec Router To Factory Defaults

Actiontec routers are known for great internet signal reception, which improves the internet speed. The reset can help delete the wireless and internet settings, including the IP address, Wi-Fi password, and DNS details. There are two different ways of resetting the router to factory default settings such as;

1. Using The Reset Button

Using the reset button to reset the Actiontec router is one of the simplest ways because all their routers have a reset button. So, let’s see what you need to do!

  1. First of all, make sure that the Actiontec router is turned and then look for the reset button on the router’s bottom or back
  2. Use the paperclip to press the reset button for over twenty seconds, and the router will reboot
  3. When you press the reset button, the router will reboot
  4. Then, press the reset button once again for ten tends, and the LED light will start flashing
  5. Lastly, the router will reboot automatically, and the router will start working without any connectivity issues

2. Using The Configuration Utility

The web-based configuration utility is another method for resetting the Actiontec router, but you need basic information about browsers and computers to follow this method. It’s a convenient way of resetting and rebooting your router as you won’t have to download third-party tools or apps. So, let’s see which instructions you need to follow;

  1. Open the internet browser and enter an IP address and use your username and password to log into the router. The default password and username can be used for logging in if you haven’t changed the credentials
  2. Once you are logged in, open the system tools and look for the factory default option
  3. Then, click on the reset button and press the below-mentioned OK button to confirm the reset

As a result, the router will be reset. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t interrupt the reset processing, which means you shouldn’t turn off the router while the reset is in the process because it can damage the software or firmware. Even if the router switches off during the reset process, it will turn on automatically.

The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, following this article will help you reset the Actiontec router to the factory default settings. However, there are a few things that can help you out, such as;

  • Use IP address or
  • The username and password should be admin if you haven’t changed these details

Completing the reset process will surely help fix the internet signal issues. However, if the problem is still there, you should call Actiontec customer support to get the advanced troubleshooting done.

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