Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking: 3 Steps To Fix It

Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking
Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking

From the past few years, a lot of people have received complaints regarding the WiFi connectivity, which is indicated by the steady white light blinking on the Xfinity WiFi Router. When the WiFi internet connection is partially established, the WiFi Router displays continuous blinking, stipulating that something is wrong with the internet connection, and users could not have smooth access to it.

However, do not confuse the blinking with the firmware update process where blinking of light appears too because the WiFi unavailability us/ds blinking is entirely different than the firmware updating one. Coming towards the Xfinity WiFi Router, it is a trading term for the Comcast Cable communications, a giant ISP in the region of the US. It has been more than 50 years, and the company is sustained with its superb services.

However, some inconvenience can potentially strike and produce a disturbance in the internet connection. Since there is a solution to each difficulty, so dealing with the persistent light blinking won’t be an issue. However, it is better to understand the nature and causes of the blinking first, before we go and figure out its solution and troubleshooting.

The prominent lights that must be there on a typical Xfinity modem are the “Power” light and the “Online” light. Both of these lights must be glowing full fright, and there should not be any dullness and blinking there as they both are meant to be the solid lights, not the flashing ones. If you find out that the Power light is blinking, it clearly says that you are out of power.

Similarly, if the Online light is shuddering, then it is saying that you are not online; however, the modem is striving hard to search online signals for the connection. As long as you have the both the Power and Online lights solid lit, let the rest of light flashing. However, most of the time, the blinking indicates that the WiFi is under the use.

What Are The Causes Of Xfinity WiFi Light Blinking?

The increase in the number of the report by people has provoked the Xfinity service providers to look into this blinking light issue effectively due to some causes. The triggering roots of the internet connectivity to go down by the blinking of light are listed precisely down here:

1. Service Outage:

At the end of the ISP, there is a service outage in a few of the cases, which causes the Xfinity router light to blink frequently. However, you can avail of the offers of the service outrage available for any pre-scheduled terms via the company’s website.

2. Splitter Issue: 

The majority of the connections are carried out with the help of the Splitter. A splitter divides an incoming connection into three links. The Splitter is responsible for providing the proper internet connection to your TV device, cellphone, and your WiFi Router.

When the Splitter itself wouldn’t work correctly and split the link, then it can be directly harmful towards your internet connection, which will get blocked and prevented.

3. Loose Wires:

Loosely attached wires can be an annoying cause of the internet connectivity issue try to get them in close contact. Ensure to have a proper connection between the modem and all the wires in the appropriate slots.

4. Defects In The Modem:

In majority cases, the Xfinity WiFi Router sometimes itself is defective or out of order, which is being the predominant cause for the connection failure. However, power surges can also cause the Router or Modem to lose its productivity and functionality, which prevents internet connectivity from being promptly established.

After getting utterly aware of the nature of all the causes that are inducing the light blinking in the Xfinity Router, we have got enough ideas to encounter the issue efficiently and design solutions for it. Below is the breakdown of the resolution, make sure they are carried out in an organic order.

How To Fix Xfinity Light Blinking?

Here is the solution provided to help get rid of the blinking light issue:

1. Re-initializing The Internet Modem:

Power cycling your defected or dysfunctional device is essential. To re-initialize your modem or Router, follow these steps:

  • Unplug or cut off the power supply from your Xfinity WiFi router.
  • Click and keep a hold on the Power button on your WiFi Router.
  • Plug back the Power button to your Router.
  • Start.

2. Direct Plugging:

In several cases, the Splitter might be trouble causing aspect of the connection, that instead of doing its work correctly, it split the internet cable, which defects the whole connection and prevents the connection from being adequately established. Therefore, you must connect the cable directly to the Router.

3. How To Troubleshoot The Xfinity Internet Connection When The Us/Ds Lights don’t Stop Blinking?

The display of the Router’s light blinking is a visual representation of its working status. Hence, it is reasonable to flash a bit but not continuously. However, if the situation persists for long, follow these troubleshooting steps to help get your connection established properly:

  • Have a check for the service interruption.
  • Go to your XFINITY My Account Smartphone App.
  • Log in to your Comcast account.
  • Click on Check for the link of Service Interruptions.
  • Though you can visit the Xfinity Status Center too if the situation gets out of persistence.
  • Call on 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) / or you can call on 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489) if your mobile number is registered for Comcast Alerts. Also, you can text OUT to 266278 (COMCAST)

Final Verdict For Xfinity Light Blinking Solution:

Solving the light blinking of the Xfinity WiFi Router is not some complicated method at all; it just requires a proper solution and troubleshooting steps that have been discussed thoroughly above. However, it is the possibility that the problem would persist.

The pro tip for getting done with the issue once and for all is obtaining a software of Reimage on your laptop/notebook or PC by which your repositories will be scanned thoroughly, and the corrupt and missing files will be replaced successfully to make your Router functional again. However, the Reimage is required only if the issue is persisting because of the failure of the system.

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