How to Change Xfinity Router DNS Settings?

xfinity router change dns
xfinity router change dns

Over time, internet paradigms have changed significantly because of increased internet consumption. But with increased internet consumption and the launch of advanced internet technologies, internet issues are arising as well. One such issue belongs to the DNS server, and changing the DNS settings can be hard. In this article, we have outlined information about the Xfinity router and DNS server. So, let’s start!

Change Xfinity Router DNS Settings

The topping thing about DNS is that you don’t always have to use the DNS of the internet service provider. This is because the private DNS servers are usually high-performing and provider faster services. Over time, the Xfinity DNS has been failing, which controlled the internet connection for people. Similarly, even if you are using the commercial DNS provided by ISP, the performance will be tarnished.

This is the prime reason that people opt for private DNS, such as the public DNS of Google and OpenDNS. There are additional yet paid services available with OpenDNS, inclusive of better and free support, along with web content filters. The customers can easily use the OpenDNS by signing up for the basic account, which is free.

For the harnessing or services provided by OpenDNS, you need to set up the local PC and router settings. This is so you can use the and in the DNS settings. On the other hand, for the Google DNS settings, the internet protocol addresses that can be used are and

Setting Up The Xfinity Router DNS Settings in Windows 7

If you need to add and save the Xfinity router DNS settings on the Windows 7, do follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the control panel on your phone
  • Navigate to network and internet
  • Move on to network and sharing center
  • Tap on change adapter settings
  • Choose the internet connection
  • Configure the Google Public DNS settings

In addition, you need to choose some different settings for the ethernet connection. In the section below, we have outlined steps for connecting to the ethernet connection;

  • Right-click on the local area connection
  • Move on to the properties

On the other hand, if you need to change the wireless connection settings, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Right-click on the wireless network connection
  • Click on properties
  • If you need to add confirmation, add the password and confirm it
  • Now, go to the Network tab and choose the internet protocol version 4
  • Go to properties again and click on advanced
  • Scroll down to the DNS tab
  • Write down the available IP addresses, remove them, and click on the OK button
  • After removing the available IP address, enter the IP address of Xfinity router

Setting Up The Xfinity Router DNS Settings on Mac OS

For everyone who is using the internet and Xfinity internet on Mac devices and needs to set up the DNS settings, do follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the Apple menu
  • Move to system preferences and hit the network option
  • There will be a lock icon on the lower corner of the window, click on it
  • Enter the password to provide authentication
  • Choose the connection

For changing the settings for ethernet connection, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the built-in ethernet
  • Click on advanced option

In addition, for changing the wireless connection, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the Airport tab
  • Click the advanced settings
  • Choose the DNS menu
  • Click on the plus icon to add a new IP address of Xfinity router
  • Hit the apply button and then, OK button

Setting The Xfinity Router DNS Settings On Ubuntu Linux

For everyone using the Linux operating system on their PC, they can configure the DNS settings from the network manager. For further assistance, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the system menu and move to the preferences
  • Tap on network connections
  • Choose the desired connection
  • Go to properties, and then, wireless connection
  • Tap on the edit button
  • Choose the IPv4 settings
  • Move to the DNS servers field, add the Xfinity router address
  • You might need to add the password as well and hit the confirm button

The bottom line is that using the Xfinity router is an apt choice because it will keep the information safe and protected. That’s because the DNS server of ISP might not be secure. In the same vein, they can access the browsing history as well.

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